5 Worst Cities For People With Eczema

Eczema usually occurs as flare-ups that cause the skin to become dry and sensitive. The eczema flare ups can be triggered due to several factors. Common triggers include pet dander, dust mites, body lotions and creams with heavy fragrances, detergents, cleaning products, perfumes, and soaps. In many cases, weather plays a key factor in eczema flare ups. Places with dry weather are especially recommended to be avoided for those with eczema. Here are five worst cities in the US to live in with eczema.

Phoenix, AZ
This city is known for intense and unrelenting sunshine throughout the year. Moreover, the annual climate is majorly arid. In addition, the lifestyle of the majority of the population revolves around outdoors activities. Instances of melanoma and wrinkles due to sun exposure is quite common. Similarly, this city is not ideal for those with eczema as well.

San Diego, CA
California is one of the sunniest states in the country. While this can be good for some people, the dry climate of San Diego can make things worse for those with eczema. Moreover, the city is closer to the beaches compared to LA and Sacramento. So, the population here tends to spend more time outdoors, increasing the risk of skin disorders and eczema flare ups. In addition, this city has a higher number of ozone days. This increases the risk of skin damage caused due to sun exposure over time.

Tulsa, OK
According to studies, Tulsa is known for one of the highest rates of deaths due to skin cancer. The city has intense sunlight throughout the day. Moreover, the sun lasts through the evening. This increases the risk of skin problems. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause burns and dry out the moisture from the skin. This causes skin irritation and inflammation. Those with eczema already have highly sensitive skin. The weather of Tulsa is detrimental to this skin condition.

Charlotte, NC
This US city is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian mountains. This is why it gets some of the hottest days of the year. Moreover, there is low airflow during the warm days. This increases pollution levels. Moreover, the number of ozone days are high, leading to more ozone pollution as well. All these factors increase the risk of eczema flare ups, making Charlotte one of the worst US cities to live in with eczema.

Fort Worth, TX
The weather in Texas is scorching hot all year round. The risk of skin damage and disorders is quite high because of the intense exposure to the sun. Moreover, the climate is dry and arid, even during winters. This makes the skin dry and increases irritation. For those with eczema, flare ups can become more frequent, increasing discomfort.

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