An Overview Of The Wireless Internet Technology

An overview of the wireless Internet technology
Wireless Internet access is gaining popularity with an increase in the demand for the Internet that can be accessed anywhere in the country. This is also one of the main reasons why the Internet service providers (ISP) are exploring new and affordable modes of transmission technology to provide access to a cheap wireless Internet.
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What are the different types of technologies used for providing cheap wireless Internet?

  • There are four main types of wireless network and connectivity solutions for residential and commercial purposes depending on the geographic expansion.
  • A personal area network (PAN) provides a limited range of wireless connectivity.
  • A local area network (LAN) provides a more enhanced connection with a range that is available throughout a building or a campus with multiple access points by using WiFi routers and modems.
  • It is nothing more than the wireless extension of the existing high fiber Internet connection using external peripherals.
  • A metropolitan area network (MAN) offers wireless Internet connectivity within a city supported by the WiMAX technology.
  • A wide area network (WAN) provides global wireless access through satellite technology and data cellular networks like Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) among others.

What are the benefits of using a high-speed wireless Internet service?

  • Wireless Internet networks are highly productive, convenient to use, and cost-effective.
  • Enhanced connectivity allows better access to information whenever you need it on any device that supports wireless connectivity.
  • Mobility is also one of the main advantages of using a wireless network, as the Internet service can be accessed from anywhere within the coverage area.
  • Wireless networks are easy to install as there is no need for additional wiring or equipment to expand the network.
  • There are many security applications in place that provide an additional layer of protection for information shared on wireless networks.
  • Broadband and Internet plans on a wireless network will be cheaper in comparison to the wired networks.
  • The cheap wireless Internet is available for both home and commercial purposes.

How does wireless Internet perform in comparison to a wired connection?

  • Access points are one of the most important parameters to be considered before subscribing for a cheap wireless Internet service.
  • The strength of an access point will be determined by the type of modem used and wireless router available with the connection.

What do you mean by a fixed wireless Internet connection?

  • A fixed wireless Internet connection offers a large coverage area in comparison to a wired Internet connection, as the signal is broadcasted from existing communication towers.
  • The fixed wireless Internet also offers a relatively low-latency connection in comparison to the wired networks that provide an enhanced experience for online gaming and video conferencing.
  • Note that fixed wireless Internet technology is not powered by satellite as it broadcasts wireless Internet signals through terrestrial towers in the vicinity.
  • A fixed wireless Internet relies on a straight line of sight to transmit signals unlike other forms of broadcasts that emit signals in all directions.
  • Also, unlike WiFi signals, a fixed wireless Internet cannot penetrate barriers to provide network access which is why a direct line of sight is essential to establish communication.
  • A fixed wireless Internet is fast and affordable to install and is a flexible option to provide rural coverage.

Which are the popular fixed wireless Internet providers in the country?

  • Rising Broadband, Skydiver Communications, GHz Wireless, King Street wireless, CyberNet Communications, BelWave Communications, and Etheric Networks are among the popular fixed wireless internet service providers.
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint are the two distinct types of connection available with these popular service providers.

What are the limitations of the fixed wireless technology?

  • A line of sight is one of the major limitations of fixed wireless Internet technology, as the Internet signals cannot penetrate minor physical obstacles.
  • Security is another concern when it comes to wireless networks, especially for the protocols involving encrypting and authenticating the connection.
  • Wireless connections are severely affected due to weather, which makes them rather unreliable in comparison to secure wired Internet services.

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