Pro Tips To Perfect Your Eye Makeup

While it may seem like everyone has aced the winged liner or smokey eye, for many of us, these are still daunting tasks. Getting a makeup look is difficult, and once you admit it, you are now free to look for solutions for this problem. There are several professional eye makeup hacks that will help you pick up some basic and not-so-basic tips and tricks to perfect any style. Makeup may even seem a little simple after these hacks. So grab your eye makeup products and brushes, and read on.

  • Use eyelid primer instead of concealer

Many individuals use concealers as a base for their makeup, but this may not be the best option for your eyelids. The oil present in concealers can cause your eyeshadow to smudge. So ditch this product and use an eyelid primer instead. It can cover up dark circles and lids that are pigmented. It will even out your complexion and act as an oil-free surface to keep your eye shadow intact.

  • Shield your eyeshadow

Wondering how makeup artists apply mascara without messing up the eyeshadow? They use a mascara shield that helps to guard the eye makeup by completely shielding it while applying the product. Place the shield at your roots while applying mascara to the top and bottom lashes. This will surely reduce the chances of makeup smudges while allowing you to perfect your lashes.

  • Glue on the false lashes with a bobby pin

Applying glue is always a tricky business, especially eyelash glue. Add too much and you’ll end up with greasy lashes that anyone can tell is fake. Add too little, and they will fall right out in a few hours. The trick is in applying just the right amount. You can achieve this with a bobby pin, which seems to have numerous uses! Use the tip of a bobby pin to neatly apply glue onto the lash band. Try to apply dots first and then spread it. Give it ten seconds to rest and then pop the false eyelashes onto your lids.

  • Use mascara brush vertically
    This is a professional tip that many of us should be taking advantage of. Simply flip your mascara brush and use it vertically to separate each eyelash and avoid clumps. If you have tiny lashes, this can add a much needed definition to them. Don’t forget to brush up the inner corners too!
  • Use white liners
    A white liner can take your eye makeup game to another level. Use it to line your eyelids for extra definition. Also, use white liner right beneath your brows for a sharper and more refreshed look. Remember to blend it in so that it is not stark or jarring. Doing so gives the brows an attractive raise and draws attention to your eyes.

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