Symptoms, Prevention, And Modes Of Treatment For Melanoma

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops in the cells that are responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for departing the color in our skin. The disease is one of the most serious types of skin cancer and can develop anywhere outside the body. In rare cases, it can also develop inside the body, such as inside the nose and the throat.

This article talks about the symptoms, prevention, and modes of treatment for melanoma.

Signs and symptoms of melanoma

Melanoma can develop due to exposure to UV light from the sun, tanning beds, or lamps. Here are some signs and symptoms that you should look out for.

One of the first signs of the condition is the development of moles on the body. There could be new moles or changes to the existing moles on the body. Another early sign of melanoma is the development of pigmentation or patchy skin.

Moles are common in individuals across the globe; they tend to be uniform in color, which is usually tan or brown. There is a distinct border that separates the moles and the skin surrounding it. This is completely normal and most people who have moles usually start developing them during childhood. However, in case, you already have an existing mole that has been changing its appearance over time or growing, it is best to get it checked by the doctor.

Check for unusual characteristics of moles using the first five letters of the alphabet. A stands for asymmetrical shape, B is for irregular border, C is changes in color, D is for diameter, and E is for evolving. If any mole on your body is showing all or few of these changes, get checked as soon as possible as it could be melanoma.

Cancer can also be hidden as they occur under the nails, inside the body in the digestive system, vagina, or urinary tract. It can also occur in the eye.

Treating melanoma

Melanoma is a cancer of the skin, which is why when it comes to treating this disease, the treatment is based on how far the cancer has progressed.

There are five basic types of treatment. These involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. Surgery is one of the most primary modes of treatment that used to directly remove the tumor. There are also new modes of treatment that are being tested and studied even now. One of these newer methods is vaccine therapy that uses a substance to kill the tumor in the body itself.

Prevention of melanoma

Melanoma is caused due to multiple reasons, and while there is no definitive way to prevent the occurrence of melanoma, individuals can reduce their chances of developing this condition. One of the best ways to reduce your chances is to prevent exposure to UV radiation. This includes limiting the usage of tanning beds and tanning lamps. Individuals should also use sunscreen when stepping out in the sun, even during the winter. Another way to ensure that the disease is caught in the first stages is keeping your eyes peeled for any abnormal moles on the body.

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