Here Are Some Queries And Their Answers Regarding Atvs

Here are some queries and their answers regarding ATV sale

ATVs have become popular in the past and are now being used even for recreational purposes across the country. These vehicles can be used for adventurous rides across sand dunes, mud lands, slushy snow, and even on frozen lakes. The size of these ATVs ranges from 50 to 800 cubic centimeters each having different engine capacity. You can also opt for used ATVs on sale which are offered at cheap rates. Following queries will help you find more about the same.

What type of ATVs can be found for sale?
With so many ATV brands selling their products at competitive prices, choosing a particular ATV among the lot can be a challenging task. Also, ATVs come in various options too. To make things easier, here are six different types of ATVs based on their power and purpose.

  • Youth models
    These types of ATVs are best for off-road riding and are best suited for teens and children. These models are cheaper than the ones designed for children. The engine size of these types ATVs varies from 50cc to 125cc.
  • Entry-level four wheelers
    Also known as recreational trail class, these are next in line to youth models based on price and size. Their engine size ranges from 125cc to 250cc. The automatic transmission is one of the main features of entry-level four-wheelers.
  • Utility Quads
    They are primarily used for heavy-work purposes such as hauling cargo, plowing fields etc. The machine was a favorite with hunters, fishermen, and campers back in the 1980s. Although with limited suspension level, it can be driven in almost any environmental condition. The size of the engine ranges from 250cc to 700cc.
  • Sport Quads
    The features of this type of ATV are zippy engines, long travel suspension, and offer great handling. These types of ATV are designed for jumping, hitting and sliding around the corners. The engine capacity ranges from 200cc to 400cc.
  • High-performance ATVs
    They are called so because of their speed of acceleration. High-performance ATVs can cruise along sand dunes and woods. The engine range of these types of ATVs is from 350cc to 700cc and offer a race-like handling experience.

What are the top tips for buying an ATV on sale?

  • The most important tip for buying an ATV on sale is to check its warranty. Most sellers put up ATVs for sale at unbelievably low prices because of lapsed warranty.
  • Once all the papers are in place, check the physical condition of the ATV and its components such as engine, tires, suspensions, ball bearings, brakes etc.
  • If the ATV has worn out tires, negotiate for a lower price and install new set of tires from your most preferred brand.
  • Inspect the frame of the ATV carefully because the previous owners might have crashed their ATV at one time or another. Signs of bent steel are most likely to appear around the shock towers or where the shock attached to the main frame.

What are the tips for selling an ATV?
Some of the most common tips for selling your ATV are mentioned below:

  • Clean and wash your four-wheeler or ATV regularly. Spray on the cleaning agent and hose off using a garden sprayer to get to the tight spots of your quad bike.
  • Inspect the radiator thoroughly as it accumulates mud and sand. While you inspect it, be sure not to bend the cooling fins. Do not forget to replace the radiator fluid.
  • Check the driveline and make sure it has a fresh coat of lubricant. Damaged CV joint boots attract hefty repairs and might turn a smart buyer away. So make sure to repair the tiniest of repairs required for the same.
  • No one likes to grab on to a pair of greasy and worn out handle grips. It’s wise to spend an extra $10 so that your ATV gives a first good impression.

Which are some of the cheapest ATVs you can buy?

  • Yamaha Kodiak 700
    Being one of the most affordable ATVs to buy, it is powered by a 708cc engine and has an impressive torque. Aimed at the utility crowd, it is priced at around $6999 and can be used as a trial machine.
  • Honda Four Trax Rancher 4×4
    Priced at just about $6299, this ATV packs a 420cc engine and has a manual transmission, allowing you to shift gears from the foot. It does not have any belts to the break, thus it does not attract loss of power to the belt.
  • Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O Utility Edition
    Priced at about $6299, this ATV is $300 more than the standard version. This edition gets added capacity in the rear rack for extra storage in front and rear steel bumpers. Although reasonably priced, this ATV pumps out an impressive 33 horsepower.

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