Essential Factors That Constitute The Best Treat For Dogs

Essential factors that constitute the best treat for dogs

The Internet is buzzing with amazing “doggos” and “puppers” who listen to their humans and are so reliable that you can even trust them with your lives. Dogs are naturally wired to be protective of their humans and would go to lengths to keep them from getting in harm’s way. Honing the dog’s natural skills is one of the best ways of protecting the dog and yourself since it makes the canine more responsible and reliable. This can be attained only if you start training the canine in its puppy years so that the desired behavior is instilled in it as it grows.

Training your pup doesn’t have to be a rigid process, in fact, your pup will soon start looking forward to it if you decide to let it get a whiff of the best treat for dogs. You cannot use candies as dog treats since candies or chocolates are detrimental to your dog’s health. It is imperative that you buy dog treats that are meant for the very purpose of reinforcing good behavior in dogs. When you train your dog to obey your commands by giving it the best dog treats, you are teaching it that good behavior always ends with treats, and who doesn’t like treats!

If you are about to start training your dog or puppy, there are certain factors you need to know regarding what constitutes the best treat for dogs.

Which ingredients are to be avoided when buying dog treats?

  • One of the major rules you need to adhere to while buying the best treat for dogs is that you should always check the ingredient list. Different companies use different ingredients, and each claim to be better than the next. Eventually, this is what makes choosing the right dog treat difficult.
  • The process of buying dog treats becomes easier if you know which ingredients you should avoid. You need to opt out of buying any dog treat that contains corn, wheat gluten, meat or grain meals, by-products, BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole), BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene), food dyes, PG (Propylene Glycol), and rendered fat.

Which are the best natural treats for dogs?

  • To ensure that your dog isn’t allergic to the usual ingredients used in most dog treats, you can opt for natural dog treats that are devoid of artificial additives such as flavors and dyes. Moreover, natural dog treats do not have ingredients that can trigger an allergy in the dog.
  • So, if you wish to buy the best natural treats for your dog, you can opt for the Freeze-Dried Raw Duck Hearts for Dogs, Wellness CORE Marrow Natural Dog Treats, Spot Farms Antibiotic-Free Chicken Treats, Zuke’s Jerky Grain-Free Natural Dog Bites, and The Honest Kitchen Beams.
  • If you are looking for the best dog treats for puppies, you will have to look for dog treats that are engineered especially for puppies since their nutritional requirements and those of adult dogs vary dramatically.

Is it crucial to confirm with the vet before giving treats to the dog?

  • Dog treats are meant to reinforce good behavior and discipline in dogs during their training sessions. These treats are quite similar to the regular dog food you buy for your beloved canine. So, the caution you exercise while buying dog food has to be replicated while buying dog treats as well.
  • The only person who knows your dog well apart from you is the vet. It is always safer to confirm with the vet whether the dog treats you have bought wouldn’t harm your dog in any way. Even the best treat for dogs can have a negative impact on your canine. So, ensure that you consult the vet before you feed those dog treats to your pooch.

When is the right time to give treats to the dog?

  • The perfect time to give treats to your dog is between meals. Giving it treats immediately after a meal won’t be very motivating since your dog is already full. So, it is advisable that you plan the training session between the dog’s meals so that you can keep it motivated through the session.
  • Also, you should save the best dog treat for the last. This works wonders if you wish to re-engage the dog if it starts losing interest in the training session towards the end.

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