4 Essential Factors To Know About The AARP Organization

4 essential factors to know about the AARP organization

An organization set up for the welfare of retired persons, the American Association of Retired Persons or AARP, is a non-profit setup. Functioning as a members-only group, this establishment aims to serve older Americans by bringing about social change and providing a slew of services such as advice, discounts, employment, and security. AARP boasts of a strong presence, and it has a membership of over 40-million persons. The organization has effectively directed its members through varied elements of economic security and independent living issues. While any person over the age of 18 can join the organization as there is no official age of entry, AARP specializes in bringing the best benefits to older citizens.

Here are some factors that will help one gain a better understanding of AARP and its benefits:

What are the organizations affiliated with AARP?
Over the years, AARP has slowly carved out a notable position by being affiliated with several organizations. At present, some of the AARP-affiliated organizations include:

  • AARP Insurance Plan: This is the group that works towards the administration of some AARP group insurance plans.
  • AARP Financial Services Corporation: The AARP Financial Services Corporation is a profit-driven setup that holds the AARP’s real estate.
  • AARP Foundation: The AARP Foundation has been set up with a vision of charity. A non-profit organization, it supports the interests of people who are above the age of 50 years and are socially or economically backward.
  • Legal Counsel for the Elderly: This non-profit charity covers legal services for seniors who live in Washington, DC.
  • AARP Services Inc.: It is a for-profit organization that manages new products and discounted services that are offered to AARP members.

How can one become a member of AARP?

The process of becoming an AARP member is simple and one can use two types of methods to sign up:

  • Online – One must fill in a detailed online form through the AARP website. After this, an AARP card is sent out through mail and may take a few weeks to reach the recipient. One also has the option to directly print the AARP membership card from the online account on the website.
  • Call – For those who are not comfortable with the online process, the AARP service center can be reached through several numbers listed on their website. Upon making a phone call, an agent will assist you with the membership process.

What are the financial benefits that can be availed by members of AARP?

AARP is one of the biggest organizations in the country and thus, it is successfully able to partner with a number of companies. With its various affiliations, magazines, and websites, it gives its members great financial advice and discounts. Some of the most notable financial benefits include:

  • Links and worksheets that are optimal for money management
  • Services that protect against identity theft
  • Access to AARP’s podcasts
  • Social Security Benefits Calculator that is great for determining when one would receive the given benefits
  • AARP provides free help for tax preparation and generates advice for watching out for scams and preventing unprofitable investments
  • Apart from financial benefits, AARP also provides tools such as the Symptom Checker that enables one to understand the symptoms of different health issues

One can visit the AARP website and browse through several other benefits which are listed in a detailed format.

What are the discounts that one can enjoy through AARP?

AARP’s members can enjoy discounts on several services in the marketplace. Some of the most lucrative discounts are offered on:

  • Shopping
  • Car rentals
  • Restaurants and food courts
  • Vacation and holiday packages
  • Health insurance
  • Medicare AARP insurance programs
  • Entertainment

Over the years, AARP has been credited for promoting several social-welfare initiatives, especially while advocating the strengthening of Social Security and Medicare. Emerging as one of the most powerful groups in the country, AARP continues to cover a plethora of services and branches, thereby working to serve the aged.

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