4 Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Homes

4 frequently asked questions about mobile homes

If you are someone who doesn’t like to stick to one place but would like to stay in their own house, a mobile home would be a good option for you. With a mobile home, you can choose to live by the beach or close to the mountains provided there is a mobile parking lot or a land for you to lease or rent. Available in three types (single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide), mobile homes are also perfect for those who are unable to afford the cost of buying or building a conventional family home. Also, buying free or cheap mobile home is quite simpler than hunting for a traditional house. If you are looking for mobile homes to buy, you should be aware of the answers to the following questions.

What is the difference between mobile homes and modular homes?

  • There are not many differences between mobile homes and manufactured homes. Both are constructed on another site in parts and then assembled wherever the homeowner wants them.
  • The only difference is that the term “mobile home” has not been used for since 1979 when the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards Act created the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) code regulations that set installation and construction standards for such homes.
  • Since 1979, mobile homes have come to be known as manufactured homes in the federal laws and any legal document related to such homes.

What are the advantages of mobile homes?

  • The cost per square foot for mobile homes is less than that of traditional houses. Thus, a homeowner gets more space at a lower cost. Due to the lower cost, mobile homes make homeownership easier. Also, it is quite easy to find free or cheap mobile homes through online websites such as Craigslist or eBay, which further drives down the cost of owning a house.
  • As mobile homes are constructed at another manufacturing sites and then assembled wherever required, a homeowner can be assured that there are no delays in building the house due to bad weather conditions or other issues. Also, there is an assurance of quality as mobile home manufacturers have to meet quality standards while constructing the parts of the mobile home.
  • The biggest advantage of mobile homes is that they are flexible and portable. Mobile homes can be disassembled and moved to another location if required.

What factors should be looked into while buying a mobile home?

  • Stability of the mobile home– The material of the piers or foundation of a mobile home should be suitable for the soil of the park or lot where the mobile home will be set up. Otherwise, the mobile home would be unstable and there can be numerous leaks or squeaks.
  • Price– The average price of mobile homes ranges between $37,000 and $73,000, depending on the type of mobile home. There are also additional setup costs and cost of the land where the mobile home will be set up. In some cases, a homeowner may have to shell out approximately $1,000 to $15,000 for moving the mobile home.
  • Maximum amp capacity– The maximum amp capacity of a mobile home indicates whether the homeowner will be able to use all the basic appliances in the mobile home. Newly manufactured mobile homes have an amp capacity of approximately 100amps.
  • Plumbing and piping mechanism– Piping insulation, waste disposal system, water, and heating should be in perfect working condition when choosing a cheap or free mobile home. There should be adequate venting mechanism in place to ensure that the mobile home is airy enough.
  • Proof of ownership– Ensure that the mobile home comes with a title certificate for proof of ownership. This certificate should state that the buyer is the only owner of the mobile home.

How to inspect a used mobile home?

  • The condition of the mobile home– A new mobile home will be in a good condition. However, if buying a used mobile home or even a free or cheap mobile home, it is necessary to have a home inspection done. Rusted areas, insulation damage, and presence of mildew should be checked for.
  • Floor and ceiling– Check for signs of aging of the floors and the ceiling. Springy floors are often a sign of the presence of rot in the floorboards. If the floor under the carpet is made of compound boards, ensure that these are replaced. Often free or cheap mobile homes have compound boards which are not durable.
  • Protective skirting– Ensure the protective skirting and walls on the exterior of the mobile home are intact and there is no visible damage to the walls.

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