Factors To Consider While Choosing An Unlimited Data Plan

Factors to consider while choosing an unlimited data plan

Smartphones are getting faster, better, and more impressive with each passing year. To make the most of these phones, we need uninterrupted access to data. Without data or WiFi, there is not a lot we can do with them. Along with data, we also expect unlimited calling and texting from these plan. The problem, however, arises when we have many carriers who offer the best unlimited data cell phone plans. This variety of choice leaves us confused. Let us look at some questions that you should consider when you are planning to upgrade to unlimited plans.

Should you look for unlimited data plans with your existing carrier?

  • If you have a contract with a mobile carrier, then it would be best to upgrade your current plan to an unlimited one. Thus, you won’t have to face the hassle of searching for and moving to a different carrier.
  • However, if you find a better deal with a different carrier, then there is no harm in switching. But, most of the times, your existing carrier will offer discounts and perks to retain your subscription. So, you should always talk to your current provider before switching to a different one. In this way, you are sure to get the best unlimited data cell phone plan.

Do these cell phone plans actually offer unlimited data?

Though the title or the advertisements state that the plans are unlimited, usually, there is a limit on the speed. Even the hotspot allowance varies from one carrier to another.

  • For example, AT&T’s Unlimited &More Premium plan will give you 22 GB/month at high speeds, and after reaching that limit, you will experience lower speeds.
  • Another example is Verizon’s Go Unlimited plan. In this plan, there are no limits or caps to the data you can use per month. However, the catch is the speed that you get. You will experience 3G speeds for browsing, and video streaming is at 480p SD.
  • Some plans do not provide any hotspot allowance whereas other plans offer a limited hotspot allowance.
  • While these plans offer unlimited calling and texting, the data usage is subject to a lot of terms and conditions.
  • Thus, it is essential for all customers to check the fine print before picking the best unlimited data cell phone plan.

How can you get discounts on the best cell phone plans with unlimited data?

  • Carriers often run promos where you receive free data for a year or a limited period of time before it reverts to the standard price. For example, Sprint offers their unlimited plan for free if you switch from Verizon, and you get to keep your phone too. After a year, the price will revert to $60/month.
  • Similarly, mobile carriers offer attractive discounts that can help you save money.
  • You should keep an eye out for discounts and special offers in the market when you are planning to get one of the best unlimited data cell phone plans.

How are these unlimited cell phone plans priced for single and multiple lines?

Depending on how many phone lines you need, the cost of the plan will vary.

  • If you are looking for a family plan where you need 3 to 4 lines, the cost will differ depending on the carrier you choose.
  • Currently, MetroPCS offers the best unlimited data cell phone plans for families where you get four lines with unlimited data for a price of around $100/month.
  • While it is vital to check the cost of data plans, it should not be your primary factor of consideration. A few extra dollars will not hurt you if you get a plan that is perfect for you or your family.
  • Along with the cost, you should also check for the contract period. If you are tied in for a longer duration, it will be hard to switch providers if you get a better offer.

These are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the best unlimited data cell phone plans available in the market. Conducting thorough research beforehand will help you get the best plan. It always pays to be patient, so don’t choose a cell phone plan in a hurry.

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