Water Cooler Dispensers For Offices

Water cooler dispensers for offices
It is important to drink clean and hygienic water to maintain your health. We know that a healthy body should contain more than 50% water to be strong and fit. The total percentage of water an average man’s body must contain is approximately 50-65 percent, and the ideal range for an average woman is around 45-60 percent.

Due to longer working hours and the difficulty in carrying more than 1 litre of water from home, water dispensers are an easy way to ensure the availability of fresh, non-contaminated water for all the employees in an office. Water dispensers can supply hot, cold, or room temperature water with the press of just one button.

What is the use of a water cooler dispenser?
The uses of a water dispenser are:

  • Water dispensers are used in businesses, office, homes and other places where easy access to clean water is required.
  • Water dispensers are a convenient option because they have an unlimited fresh supply of water.
  • These dispensers have the ability to provide cool and hot water.
  • A water dispenser provides filtered water, which comes from the water line.
  • It is connected to the main water line and it stores water in a tank.
  • It heats and cools the water and is dispensed by users by turning a knob or pressing a button.

What is the need for water cooler dispenser in offices?

  • Increases office productivity through healthy employees: Studies have shown that smart offices with water coolers provide great results, the staff is always well hydrated and healthier, and this leads to less time off work, and it can give a growth in the productivity.
  • The proper function of the brain can improve the productivity: The employees who consume filtered water have a more smoothly functioning system than those who have to take recourse to tap water.

What are the tips to use office water cooler dispensers?

  • The office water dispenser should always be placed on a flat surface.
  • Place a rubber mat to protect the surrounding floor surface.
  • The cups should be placed face down to prevent contamination.
  • Make sure drip trays do not overfill and spill onto the floor, which requires continuous cleaning.
  • Refill bottles should be stored in a cool area of your office, away from sunlight and chemicals.

Which points should you consider while buying water dispensers?

  • Choose water cooler dispensers which have the longest history of reliability and performance.
  • Make sure your water cooler dispenser comes with a good quality filter system.
  • Figure out how water supply will be provided to the water dispenser.
  • Consider the noise levels.
  • A proper drainage mechanism if of vital importance.

What is plumbed in water cooler dispenser?
Plumbed in water cooler dispensers let you get rid of plastic bottles and provides continuous filtered water supply. Some qualities of plumbed in water cooler dispenser are:

  • Fast flow dispensers.
  • Plumbed in with no drainage required.
  • Never requires refilling or replenishing.
  • Easily removable drip tray for cleaning.

What is a bottled water cooler dispenser?
There is still a great requirement for bottled water coolers because they don’t need a water supply and electricity supply. Bottled water cooler dispensers are:

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No plumbing or drainage required.
  • Options for Chilled or normal and Chilled or hot.
  • Floor standing and bench mounted options are available.

What is an under the bench chiller dispenser?

  • An under-bench, water chiller dispenser is a great option when you want instant cold and filtered water.
  • A filtered water chiller is a simple solution for drinking water and it requires less space.

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