Top-Rated Mattresses For Back Pain

Good quality sleep is as important as eating good food to enable the body to function to its maximum potential, and one can argue even takes precedence over the latter. While the sleep cycle is the prime time for our body to repair and refresh, people with back pain find it hard to get quality sleep. Fortunately, there’s a solution for people with this problem. Sleeping on the right mattress can make a major difference in a person’s life, especially when they need extra support. This article can assist you with the best mattresses for back pain.

Helix Dusk
Helix is a top-rated brand when it comes to mattresses and they have an option for every sleeping style and preference. Crafted with various different densities of foam, its products are specially designed to provide pressure relief and contour the body. If you’re still in two minds, make use of their 100-day sleep trial to ensure your lumbar spine and shoulders can rest easy. With 10 years of warranty, a Helix Dusk full mattress is priced at $850, which is pretty reasonable compared to other brands.

Layla Hybrid
Whether your preference is a soft plush mattress or a supportive and firm one, Layla Hybrid lets you enjoy the comfort of both. We’ll tell you how. These mattresses can be flipped to be used on both sides. Designed with multiple layers, the Layla Hybrid is infused with a copper-gel layer that gives the mattress the firmness to support the body weight yet offers deep compression for areas like hips and shoulders. This brand too offers 10 years of warranty and their queen-sized mattress is priced at $1,449.

Bear Mattress
If you prefer and require particularly firm support, then this brand is for you. The four layers of this mattress are made to adapt the shape of your body and extract extra body heat to ensure you rest easy. The pain-relieving secret of this product is its woven Celliant Infrared Yarn technology that converts the body heat into infrared light so the tissues and muscles can recover faster. This brand designs environment-friendly mattresses that are also sustainable and are priced lower than most brands. You can bring home a queen-sized Bear mattress at just $650.

Made of memory foam, the Saatva mattresses are oven-baked and tempered to prevent the foam from sagging. With the durability of the mattress is taken care of, the brand claims it is made for people with back pain. The Lumbar Zone support technology of this brand offers active wire support at the core of the mattress for optimal spine alignment. Users are given the option to buy the mattress with three different levels of firmness, depending on their personal preference and prescribed requirement. The product is designed keeping in mind the durability factor, and the brand offers 15 years of warranty on a queen-sized mattress that you can bring home for $1,299.

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