Things You Should Know Before You Buy Toilet Papers

Things You Should Know Before You Buy Toilet Paper

The humble toilet paper is an essential purchase for every household. While for most it is simply a question of picking whatever is cheapest, some pay a lot of attention to the type and brand of toilet, some even go as far as having a favorite type and brand. Plies, quilted, perfumed, medicated there are many kinds. If you’re still unsure how you should be picking toilet paper for your family, keep reading.

What are the features of top-quality toilet paper?

  • Plies – All the top-quality toilet papers are either 2-ply or 3-ply, as more plies (stacked sheets) are essential for a smooth wiping experience.
  • Material – Toilet papers are usually made with virgin or recycled paper. In today’s environmentally conscious world, most of the premium-quality toilet papers are made with recycled paper.
  • Durability – Durability is another factor that determines the quality of a toilet paper roll. The 2-ply toilet paper rolls by top brands like Charmin, Cottonelle, etc., are cited to be more durable than other 1-ply ones.
  • Absorbency –The more absorbent the toilet paper is, the lesser the amount you will need for a clean wipe. All the superior-quality toilet papers provide ultra-absorbency.
  • Strength – The strength of toilet paper is determined by testing how easily it can get punctured. This quality-determining feature should be paid attention to while buying toilet paper.
  • Septic-Safe – Toilet papers that are biodegradable are referred to as septic-safe, as they do not end up clogging the pipe. This feature can only be found in the top-rated toilet paper.

How much does toilet paper typically cost?

  • The price of a toilet paper roll depends on numerous factors like the brand, the number of rolls, size, material, additional features like the paper being scented, printed papers, etc.
  • If you usually buy toilet paper from local stores, then the state you are located in can determine the cost of a toilet paper roll.

How To Save Money When You Buy Toilet Paper?

  • Surf the web for coupons and promo codes and check local retail stores to keep an eye out on any special offers. While online stores send out coupons regularly to their customers through newsletters, offline stores are known to put up advertisements in magazines and local newspapers with coupons on them.
  • Shop around online and offline and look for the best discounts available on home and cleaning categories. Seasonal sales are a great period to buy toilet papers as they are likely to be available at discounted prices in bulk.
  • Buy toilet papers in bulk rather than buying one roll at a time to save money.

Where To Find The Best Deals On Toilet Paper?

  • E-commerce sites like and retail stores like The Home Depot, Costco., etc., often offer heavy discounts on toilet papers.
  • You can find a wide range of toilet-paper coupons and promo codes on reliable and trusted websites like and
  • You can also visit the retail stores in your area as most retail stores like Target run exclusive deals on toilet paper rolls throughout the year.

Which Are The Best-Reviewed Toilet Papers In The Market Right Now?

Here are some of the best toilet papers (in no particular order) in the market right now that have received incredible reviews from customers and experts.

  • Angel Soft Double Bath
  • Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong
  • Green Forest Premium
  • Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare
  • Angel Soft Double Bath
  • Scott 1000 Sheets
  • Seventh Generation
  • Caboo Tree Free
  • White Cloud Ultra
  • Charmin Ultra Soft Mega

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