The Top Chainsaw Models Of 2018

The Top Chainsaw Models of 2018
A chainsaw is a handy tool to have around, especially if you have a small yard or a garden surrounding your home. There is always the branch that needs chopping or a bit of carpentry work that is to be seen to. At present, there are many models of chainsaws available—from gas-powered to electric corded, cordless models, and even pole saws. Whether you are an experienced chainsaw user or new to the game, picking one is truly difficult, given the wide choice available. So, if you are planning to buy chainsaw equipment, here’s a list of the top chainsaw models that truly stood out in 2018.

Which is a recommended gas-powered chainsaw to buy for heavy work?

  • The Husqvarna 460 24-inch is an all-professional, heavy-duty chainsaw that will not let you down in the toughest of situations.
  • The 60CC engine pumps 3.62 horsepower and may cut through the thickest of woods, which, in the old days, would probably take an entire group of men to do.
  • The chainsaw is fitted with the Husqvarna X-Torq® engine, which is designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • Additionally, the air filtration system uses centrifugal force to remove small lodged particles, and this saves you time on having to clean the air filter frequently.
  • Weighing around 12.79 pounds, the Husqvarna also has a low vibration system, which is designed to reduce work fatigue.

Which electric cordless chainsaw is recommended for a new user?

  • The Makita XCU03PT1 Battery kit comes up as a winner among cordless electric chainsaws that are best for use by a new user.
  • This low-maintenance chainsaw is great for a homeowner looking to do some light gardening and yard work.
  • Offering power equivalent to a gas-fueled chainsaw of 32CC, the Makita weighs 11.5 pounds.
  • It runs on two 18-volt LXT® lithium-ion batteries, which are standardized across the Makita line of chainsaws.
  • It has a lower sound emission as compared to its gas-fueled counterparts.
  • It switches off automatically when the device is left unused for a period of time. This extends the battery life and prevents accidents.

Which is a good corded electric chainsaw to buy?

  • Corded electric means you do not need to worry about the battery running out in the middle of your tasks.
  • The WORX WG304.1 is one of the best chainsaws available in the market.
  • Weighing approximately 11.2 pounds, this no-fume, low-maintenance chainsaw is the ideal pick for a homeowner’s yard work, though you would need to purchase an extension cable.
  • The WORX chainsaw comes preassembled when you buy it so that it saves you time on putting it together and is great if you are using a chainsaw for the first time.
  • It is equipped with a built-in chain brake for safety to protect in case of a kickback.
  • Its oil lubrication is automatic.

Which pole saw option should you go for?

  • The Remington RM 2599 Gas Pole saw comes out on top as a clear winner and that should be the chainsaw you buy.
  • With a seven-foot extension, you may use this pole saw to reach even the most elusive branches.
  • Offering QuickStart technology, the 25CC engine lets you get through a day’s work of sawing easily.
  • Weighing 18 pounds, this chainsaw also features automatic oil lubrication.
  • With a durable exterior, the Remington is the perfect chainsaw for anyone looking for a long-term investment.

What are some special features to look for when planning to buy a chainsaw?

  • If you are planning to buy a chainsaw for the first time, look for a model that has additional built-in safety features to help you out.
  • One of the most important safety features is a chain brake system. The chain beak either activates in situations of severe kickback or when the chainsaw detects movement that is fast and dangerous. Alternatively, it may be activated with the help of a switch on the chainsaw.
  • Plus, if you are planning to buy chainsaw equipment for the first time, look for a model with low-kickback bars and side-mounted tension adjusters.
  • A chainsaw with an automatic oiling system will save you a lot of time and hassle.

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