The Importance And Use Of Electric Blankets

The importance and use of electric blankets
It is very essential that you are armed with the best blankets during winters. As an adult, you might still be able to fight chills, but children are more sensitive to cold. It is not just about them, however. You can get sick or get body pains if warm blankets are not used. After all, you cannot wear sweaters all day long, even when you sleep. For an instant heat solution, electric blankets are the best.

What are the features of a good electric blanket?
These are some of the common features that you essentially find in a majority of electric blankets:

  • Electric blankets come in beautiful designs and soothing colors.
  • A good electric blanket is made using the best materials that are skin-friendly. Examples include fleece, polyester, velvet plush, and the like.
  • The blankets come with varied guarantee periods, so they last you a long time, sometimes even years.
  • A good electric blanket does not have any cracks, where the wiring can be exposed dangerously.
  • Wiring is minimal, and the wires are trapped in good quality fiber. With some blankets, the wiring cannot even be felt, as there is adequate padding.
  • You can preheat your blanket before wrapping yourself in it. You can control the time for which the blanket will hold this heat.
  • The Auto Shut off feature is a good safety feature.
  • There is a digital display that shows the temperature, battery life, and the amount of time it will be switched on.
  • Blankets provide therapeutic warmth, which is an exceptional medicinal remedy, especially for people with body pains.

How are electric blankets to be used?
As these blankets look extremely sophisticated, some people might think that using them might be a little difficult. However, that’s not the case.

  • You need to plug the electric blanket to a power source for it to heat up.
  • You can have all the controls in your hand. With sophisticated controllers, you can control the temperature and set the time for which the blanket will be functional.
  • Electric blankets are easy to fold and store.

How safe are electric blankets?

  • Most electric blankets are built on low-voltage technology. This means they have the ability to convert a high voltage (for example, 120 volts) to a considerably low voltage (for example, 25 volts).
  • This level of electricity conversion is considered to be safe.
  • The blankets can easily resist electric shocks.
  • Blankets in the country are tested under certain standards. For example, the Underwriters Laboratories’ standards check whether the voltage is hazardous or not.

What factors affect the price of electric blankets?
As with any electric device, when it comes to price, we are immediately reminded of our wallets and the electricity bill. Let’s see how electric blankets fair up as far as purchase price and electricity bills are concerned:

  • Electric blankets are available in varied price brackets.
  • Depending on the material and the number of features they come with, you can select a blanket as per your needs and budget.
  • Features like auto shut off eliminate any wastage of electricity, thereby saving big on electricity bills.
  • Since blankets have the ability to convert high voltage into low voltage, it is still a more cost-efficient option as compared to many room heaters, which can increase your electricity bill considerably.

Are electric blankets washable?

  • Yes, they are, but you need to be cautious while washing them; otherwise, you may risk spoiling the product completely. You may even risk electric shocks.
  • Unwind all the sockets and plugs or anything that conducts electricity. A single droplet of water can spoil these or hurt you.
  • Shake your blanket just so that excess dust, debris, and other dirt can be removed.
  • Put it in a washing machine and give it a gentle spin.
  • Let the blanket dry completely. Once it has dried completely, you can attach all the plugs into the socket and use it again.

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