The Advantages Of Choosing Iron Mike As Your Broker For Scrap Metal

The advantages of choosing Iron Mike as your broker for scrap metal

If you are looking to get your construction site rid of a lot of scrap metal or want to buy some for your new business or a personal project, Iron Mike is the right place for you. Apart from offering the best scrap metal prices, there are many more reasons to buy scrap metal from here. Following are some more facts about Iron Mike.

What is a scrap metal dealer?

  • Iron Mike is one of the top dealers to get the best scrap metal prices.
  • A scrap metal dealer is a person who is licensed to keep up with a business, which partly or fully trades in scrap metal.
  • Scrap metal, which is permitted to be traded, includes discarded metal, any old waste, or even miscellaneous metallic material.
  • Iron Mike also deals in products, which have been touted as complete waste by the last user.

Why is Iron Mike trusted by millions?

Iron Mike has revolutionized scrap metal dealing in Detroit. Following are some of the top reasons for it being a topmost choice:

  • Innovations
    Iron Mike boasts being one of the most innovative platforms for getting the best scrap metal prices. It has become one of the top dealers in Detroit because it is constantly innovating and using new tactics to get ahead in the scrap metal business.
  • Right guarantee of price
    One of the biggest reasons to go for Iron Mike is the guarantee of low prices that they offer. Customer claim to find the best scrap metal prices here.
  • The Iron Mike Experience
    Iron Mike has been dealing in scrap metal since the last 26 years now. Hence, dealing with Iron Mike comes with its fair share of efficiency and value for money.
  • Marketing strategies of Iron Mike
    Iron Mile Marketing Branding and Strategy has proven to be extremely effective in the scrap metal business. Hence, selling your scrap metal here is sure to get you a good buyer.

What are the different markets that are served by Iron Mike?

The different markets that are served by Iron Mike include:

  • Iron Mike serves small and large businesses alike. They deal with local businesses and even international markets.
  • Their most common offering is car scrap. They are the first call for individuals in Detroit for scrapping a car.
  • Small business owners do not have much of budget to get the scrap cleared. Hence, Iron Mike helps them deal with their scrap at very affordable prices.
  • Iron Mike also works with large businesses, demolition sites, and also with many institutional sites.

What are the prices of non-ferrous scrap metal offered?

Scrap metal prices may differ every day. Hence, you should check prices listed under current scrap metal prices on Iron Mike. Today, the scrap metal prices for non-ferrous metals are:

  • Today’s scrap metal prices for scrap bare bright copper is USD 2.30 USD per pound.
  • The # 1 and # 2 scrap copper are priced at USD 2.20 per pound and USD 2.03 per pound.
  • Scrap insulated Hvy #1 copper wire; 85% Recovery was priced at USD 1.45 per pound.
  • A Scrap EDM wire amounts to USD 1.70 per pound.
  • Scrap Rod Brass is also priced at USD 1.65 per pound.

There are many other scrap metal prices listed on this portal for non-ferrous metals.

What are the prices of nickel alloy scrap metal?

Scrap metal prices of nickel alloy scrap metal on Iron Mike include:

  • Prime Nickel Solids are priced at USD 5.80 per pound.
  • Scrap Inconel 625 and 718 is also priced at USD 3.50 and USD 3.00 per pound respectively.
  • Scrap M-1 and Scrap M-2 can also be sold for USD 0.60 and USD 1.03 per pound respectively.

There are a lot of other scrap metals available on this portal too. You can simply find out about them by going on to and checking out the best scrap metal prices.

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