Reasons Why Android Is The Best Choice For Mobile App Development

Reasons why Android is the best choice for mobile app development

A mobile operating system (OS) developed by Google, Andriod is one of the top OS used for touchscreen mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Android phones have become a must-have for tech enthusiasts and this is one reason why the mobile app developers should use this platform for introducing new applications.

Following are some things you should know about Android and mobile app development.

Is the Android better than its competitors in terms of customer reach?

  • To sum it up, yes, Android has a better reach to its customers.
  • As per a research study, in the year 2016, about 90 billion Android apps were downloaded from the Play Store.
  • This was much higher as compared to the number of iOS apps downloaded in the same year, which were around 25 billion apps. Also, it is compatible with many more devices; hence, its traction rate for usage is higher.
  • As compared to its iOS counterpart, Android is used on a larger number of devices due to affordability. Hence, an Android app automatically has a larger pool of customers.
  • While it is okay to make an app on both portals, if you cannot afford it, an Android app is more preferable as compared to iOS due to ease of use.

Does Android have a larger potential for innovation when it comes to mobile app development?

  • Android does have a much larger potential for innovation because of the constant system updates and evolutions in technologies that are adopted.
  • Since it is spearheaded by Google, Andriod’s inclination toward innovation plays a huge role in the mobile app development world.
  • Also, Google is an inclusive telecommunication giant where it practices flexibility. This helps in including more and more apps in its Play Store in terms of variety and diversity, adding value to users’ lives.
  • The mobile app developers also have a lot more flexibility to experiment with the new features on apps.

How does mobile app development with Android make things easier for the consumers and for the developer?

  • Mobile app development with Android makes things simpler for the customers because of the easy installation process. You can access the best of the apps with just one simple click.
  • Additionally, you do not need to go to the Google Play Store to install an app, but you can also download apps that are hosted by a third-party website.
  • Also, for developers, gaining entry into the Android market is much easier. For mobile app development, you just need to register yourself as a mobile app developer, create an Android Package Kit, and submit it with the Android mobile app development platform.

How can read-only memory (ROM) feature of Android be put to use for mobile app development?

  • The read-only memory (ROM) feature, in terms of Android, refers to a phone’s firmware. This can be put to use for adding customizations to the mobile app development technology.
  • Android is an open source technology in which a mobile app developer has the liberty to edit and even recompile his coding.
  • Therefore, the newer variations in the codes can work well with the ROM technology; the new features can be adapted effortlessly depending on the firmware of the new models in the market.

Is it more affordable to create a mobile app with Android?

  • Android is definitely an affordable platform to create a mobile app.
  • Now, for a simple subscription to Google App store the cost is around $25 while for the iOS App Store, this shoots up to around and about $99 easily. Additionally, being an open source technology, picking up the functioning of Android-powered devices is much easier.
  • This is one feature that many people overlook. It is also very easy for Android developers to learn the coding of an open source software, which helps in cutting down on the training costs drastically too.

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