Questions You Need To Ask Before Selecting The Best Air Purifiers

Questions you need to ask before selecting the best air purifier

Air purifiers also referred to as air cleaners, are devices that remove contaminants from a confined space such as an apartment or a room. They are usually marketed to be beneficial for easing allergies and respiratory disorders. However, they can be used to remove usual contaminants allowing the user to breathe comparatively cleaner air. Read the following article to know more about the working and know some of the maintenance tips ideal for air purifiers.

Why do we need air purifiers?

  • A simple answer to this query is to improve the air quality of a room. Our country has seen an exponential rise in pollutants in the recent years. As a result, air purifiers are important for a healthier lifestyle.
  • The walls of our homes also trap airborne chemicals, gases, and other particles. Research has found that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted as compared to the outdoor air.
  • The metabolism of children is weaker than adults. Homes with children are more vulnerable if exposed to the air pollutants found in the indoor air. As a result, children might suffer from allergies or even asthma and other respiratory disorders.
  • Living in an area close to heavy traffic leads to inhalation of air full of harmful levels of pollutants and particles. This also holds true if you reside near an industrial area.

Which websites provide information about the best air purifiers on the market?

The following is a list of websites that provide information on the best air purifiers that are available in the market today:

  • This is a comprehensive website that provides information and sells the best air purifiers of different brands. Their website has separate tabs for air purifier categories, allergy relief, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, and portable purifiers. also sells replacement parts and has a blogging section to keep you updated about various news regarding the best air purifiers based on the ratings and reviews given by customers from across the globe.
  • This website has four main tabs that let you shop, rate, read home air purifier reviews, and provide you with detailed information about various products through air purifier manuals. The learning center provides you with information on the factors based on which you should select the best room air purifiers. The support section provides you with informative manuals, FAQs, and contact information.
  • This website lets you shop air purifiers based on brands, price, room size, use, and type. It also sells filters and parts of air purifiers from the best brands. The learning center of the website contains a blog, FAQs, filter maintenance information, and reviews and ratings.

You can log in and create an account in each of these websites to stay updated on the latest launches of air purifiers and offers to get the best deals on the same.

What type of filters are used in air purifiers?

There are four main types of air purifier technologies, they are as follows:

  • HEPA technology: HEPA is an acronym for high-efficiency particulate air, and it is one of the latest technologies used for air filtering. It is a very fine fiber-like material folded back and forth to create the shape on an accordion. This helps in trapping particles that are larger than 0.3 microns.
  • Activated carbon technology: This technology makes use of activated carbon for air purification. Activated carbon is extremely porous giving it a very larger area for absorption. This property makes it extremely useful for trapping air pollutants like tobacco smoke and chemical emissions. This type of filter is used for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and various respiratory disorders.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) technology: The UV technology is used in conjunction with particulate filter systems since it cannot get rid of airborne particles on its own. However, it is an excellent source to kill germs such as viruses and bacteria.
  • Negative ion: These purifiers use chemical injections to clean the air. This technology magnetically charges the ions present in the air thereby trapping dust and pollen. These type of filters do not have the ability to absorb small and harmful contaminants in the air.

What are the tips to maintain air purifiers?

Here are some tips to maintain air purifiers to work efficiently:

  • Keep the area around the air purifier clean. Dust accumulation called dust bunnies mean unnecessary work for air purifiers. So make sure the air purifiers work on unseen allergens.
  • After making sure that the unit is unplugged, inspect the exterior grills and panels for dust buildup and vacuum them with a dust cloth.
  • Clogged filters keep air purifiers from cleaning the air effectively. Clean them on schedule, as a clogged filter can decrease the lifespan of even the best home air purifier.
  • To make the air purifier function efficiently, make sure that your air purifier is placed in a spacious area in order to increase the intake of air.

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