Planning To Change Your Cell Phone Plan Here Are A Few Things You Should Know

Planning to change your cell phone plan? Here are a few things you should know

With a lot of cell phone plan providers in the market, consumers are now spoilt for choice. There a huge number cell phone plans that offer services at competitive prices; there are individual plans, family plans, no contract plans, prepaid plans, plans that are low-cost with fewer minutes and so on. Depending on a consumer’s need, cell phone usage, and budget, one can compare cell phone plans and avail of the best deals.

What are the different categories of cell phone plans?

  • Individual plans – These include plans for one user only. There is one line with a single rate for talk, data usage, and texts.
  • Family plans – These plans allow the mixing of devices and plans. With a higher cost plan, two to three lines can be used. Although you would be paying a high price, it is still better than paying for separate individual plans. These plans offer shared data, texts and minutes.
  • Flexible plans – These include prepaid, pay-as-you-go, month-to-month and no-contract plans. You just buy a prepaid phone, pay only for the plan you want and use the phone right away.
  • Contract plans – These plans involve signing up for a one-year or two-year contract with the cell phone plan provider. A user has to pay monthly bills for the entire duration of the contract. In case, there is a switch to a new carrier, termination fees may have to be paid.

How to determine which cell phone plan is the best for you?

  • First, you have to know your cell phone usage.
  • Go through the telephone bills of the last three months and check the average number of minutes used and texts sent.
  • Depending on your cell phone usage, you will have to shop around for a cell phone plan.
  • You can read through websites that compare cell phone plans.
  • While you compare cell phone plans, consider your budget as well.

When should you consider changing your existing cell phone plan?

  • When your cell phone usage changes and you want more minutes.
  • When you are using lesser minutes than present plan and want to switch to a lower-minute cell phone plan.
  • When your data usage habits have changed; either you are consuming for data or cutting back and want a plan to suit your requirements
  • Your contract with your existing provider is about to expire.
  • You have found a cheaper plan for all your calling, texting and data usage.
  • When you want to change from a contract plan to a no-contract plan.

What are the things to be considered before switching cell phone plans?

  • Ensure that you have paid for your phone in full to your current cell phone plan provider.
  • Make sure that your existing cell phone provider does not charge any penalties when you switch to a new plan.
  • If there are penalties involved, ask the new provider whether they will pay the penalty to your old provider. Some providers do pay, and some don’t.
  • Verify whether you will need to buy a new phone when you switch your cell phone plan, or whether your current phone will work with the new cell phone plan.
  • Know which carriers are available in your area.

What are the essential factors based on which you can compare cell phone plans?

  • Cost per month that you would have to shell out.
  • Total data available
  • Fee per line (in case of family cell phone plan)
  • Total cost
  • Total cost per GB
  • Overage penalty
  • Whether data rollover is permissible

Which are the popular websites make cell phone plans’ comparison?

  • NerdWallet
  • WhistleOut
  • Wirefly
  • ConsumerReports
  • Lifewire

Which cell phone companies have the most affordable cell phone plans?

  • Ting
  • Republic Wireless
  • MetroPCS
  • Project Fi
  • Sprint
  • U.S. Cellular
  • AT&T
  • Verizon

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