Looking For Resume Samples Here Are A Few Things You Should Know

Looking for resume samples? Here are a few things you should know

A resume is one of the crucial aspects you should take care of while searching for jobs. Your resume is the first opportunity to make a good impression on your prospective employer. Resumes are ideally one-page documents that can sometimes extend to two pages as well. Human resource executives have to make quick decisions in short time about potential candidates.

If you go through the top 10 resume samples of any online resume maker, you will notice that the resumes are quite short. A short and succinct resume makes the work of HR personnel easier. If your resume belongs to this category, it can work in your favor since you have a resume that provides the maximum information in the minimum time. Here are a few things you need to know while writing your resume.

What are the must-have fields in a resume?

  • Contact information – This should include your name, present active phone number, the correct email address, and the URL of your LinkedIn profile (not mandatory).
  • Professional title – When you mention your professional title in your resume, there is no ambiguity regarding the kind of role you are seeking. It also makes the work of hiring managers easier, since they will instantly know where you fit in the organization.
  • Achievements and accomplishments – List all your contributions to your present as well as former department or team that helped the growth of the organization. Also, mention any awards that you have received in recognition of your contributions and efforts.

What should not be included in a resume?

  • Non-essential personal information – Apart from the contact mentioned above details, do not include any other personal information in the resume. You do not have to mention your religion, race, sex, age, political affiliation or any such details.
  • Details of previous salaries – Previous salaries and your expected salary should be discussed during the interview or once you have been offered the job.
  • Irrelevant skills – Do not mention skills that are obsolete or not relevant to the job you have applied for.
  • Negative statements – Avoid writing negative ideas in your resume. Refrain from mentioning “limited experience,” “incomplete certifications,” or anything that indicates something you have not yet accomplished.

Where can one find the most popular and top 10 resume samples?

  • CV Maker
  • SlashCV
  • ResumUP
  • ResumeMaker
  • Canva
  • Resume Companion

Which are some of the popular websites that help to build a resume?

  • Enhancv – This website gives a clean and concise template that you can fill out and customize with colors, fonts, and backgrounds of your choice. This paid resume builder also comes with a feature that lets you share your resume over social media.
  • VisualCV – This free resume builder has two elegant resume templates. You can customize the look of your resume using different colors and fonts.
  • Up To Work – This is a paid resume builder that has 4 resume templates that can be easily customized. This resume builder provides assistance by giving useful suggestions for each section of the resume.
  • Ladders – This resume builder site helps with formatting and content suggestions. If you have an existing resume, upload it to this website. The website will make suggestions once it scans through the resume. Once done, you can pick from the top 10 resume samples or templates, and your resume would be ready.

Will a paid resume sample get you a call for a job interview?

  • A paid resume sample simply means that there will be just a few resumes floating around that have a template similar to yours.
  • A paid resume sample will surely make your resume stand out; however, there is a guarantee that you will get the job since the content of your resume is significant.
  • If what you write in your resume aligns with what the hiring manager is looking for, it does not matter whether you use a free resume sample or a paid one.

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