How To Choose The Best Cell Phone Company

How to choose the best cell phone company

There are many parameters that make a company the best cell phone company. There are over 150 cell phone companies in this world of which there are 5 to 10 have made a mark in the world market. The parameters are usually the cost, hardware, software, innovation, customer services, availability, and functioning. Each phone has its own pros and cons and it’s difficult to find all the best features in one phone, even when it is from the best company today.

This article is to help you understand the mobile phone market that can help you with your buying decision.

Which are the most popular cell phone companies of 2017?

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Nokia
  • OnePlus
  • Alcatel
  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • TCL
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Xiaomi
  • Lenovo
  • LG
  • Sony

How to find the best cell phone companies?

  • Phones that run on the best operating system
  • Companies that keep innovating every year
  • New models every year with the right features
  • Good quality of the hardware
  • Durable hardware and latest software
  • Right features that make the experience smooth

How to know which is the best cell phone company for you?

If you want to buy a phone from the best cell phone company, then you need to check these things.

  • Which company makes the phones that suit most of your mobile phone needs
  • See the companies that has phones that aren’t too expensive for you if you have a budget
  • Companies that have service centers around your house or neighborhood
  • Mobile phone companies for which the best carrier plans are available
  • Read the reviews of all the companies’ mobile phones and understand the pros and cons of each phone that you have shortlisted from the best cell phone companies

What are the different operating systems used in mobiles by cell phone companies?

There are essentially four types of operating systems companies use in their phones and they are:

  • Android – This is one of the most popular operating system that cell phone companies use these days. Android was developed by Google and is an open source operating system.
  • iOS – This is an exclusive operating system that is developed by Apple Inc. for all their phones (iPhones). Apple Inc. from the very beginning made computers and mobile phones that have set a benchmark and most of the other cell phone and software companies try and compete with Apple.
  • Windows – Microsoft started their own phones with their own operating system. Microsoft is originally a software company and hence they do not run their mobile phones on other operating systems but the one that they make themselves, that is, windows. Microsoft and Nokia phones use windows OS.
  • Blackberry – Blackberry just like Apple, Blackberry operating system is used only in Blackberry mobile phones. These phones were originally targeted for the business people and was liked by them because the software and the hardware gave them access to work related applications.

How do the best cell phone companies keep innovating?

  • There is huge competition in the market even for the best cell phone company
  • Every cell phone company knows the competition is highly unpredictable and any other mobile phone company can come up with a ground-breaking phone and technology
  • The competition and unpredictability keep the smartphone makers on the edge of their game and motivated
  • It is difficult to win customer loyalty, and very few companies have managed to win that. Apple is one of the cell phone companies that has won its customers’ loyalty with the software, hardware and impeccable customer services around the globe
  • Every year there is new technology that hits the market, and almost every other company wants that technology in their mobile phones, and that is what helps them innovate and present it to the customers in their own unique way.

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