Here Are Some Tips That Can Help You With Buying An Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool for the backyard is one of the best ideas if you cannot afford to get an in-ground pool. You might have an idea about the placement and the requirement for your pool, but you will need a lot more than that. Buying and settling for an above ground pool in your backyard is not as easy as it sounds. You will need a clear plan for its placement, installation process and the type of pool. Following are some of the points that offer tips on buying an above ground pool, installing it and getting a good deal on it.

What are the factors one needs to consider before buying an above ground pool?

  • Size
    The size of the pool is an important factor while buying a new above ground pool. You need to measure the dimensions of your backyard and then choose a pool. You must make sure there is enough space for other activities after you have installed the pool. You can also go for an above ground pool in various shapes like oval, round and rectangle.
  • Ground inspection
    It is important for your ground to be leveled for you to install an above ground pool on it. If not, you will have to level up the ground first. An uneven ground can cause the pool to be unstable and lead to accidents or damages to the pool.
  • Warranty
    The warranty of an above ground pool is one of the most important things to consider. An above ground pool is prone to damages as there might not be complete stability in its installation. You must get a warranty that covers the damages and does not hurt your pocket.

Which are the top manufacturers for above ground swimming pools?

  • Alberca and Chois Pools
    Coming in as one of the best manufacturers of above ground pools, this manufacturer is also known as the “Rolls Royce of soft-sided portable pools.” It was formerly known as Advantage pools and has one of the sturdiest above ground pools.
  • Atlantic Pools
    This manufacturer started its operations back in 1930 and has been one of the top manufacturers since then. It has four different qualities of pools that can be availed by the customers. The four levels of the above ground pools are: a) quality, b) classic, c) premium and d) specialty.
  • Doughboy Pools
    It is one of the oldest above ground or portable pool manufacturers in the market; starting its services in 1954. They have been at the top of the above ground pool markets and have recently introduced “recessed” pools, which look like in-ground pools but are not expensive.

Which are the best places to buy pool supplies?

  • Horizon Pool Supply
    Along with the common chemicals, equipment, and other supplies, this manufacturer also offers different services like re-plastering, water management as well as repair and renovation. They are at the top as you would be seldom disappointed by their lack of products.
  • The Great Escape
    A one-stop shop for all your supplies this place has all the supplies you will need for your above ground pools. Furthermore, they will not only suffice your pools-supplies needs but also every other requirement for your backyard, like, ping pong tables, billiards, furnishings etc.
  • Big Box Stores and Major Retailers
    There are many people that have abandoned the small stores to resort to big box stores like Costco, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, and Home Depot. These stores are ahead as they have a variety of brands and products at their stores.

Which are the best above ground pools to buy in 2018?

  • Intex Metal Frame Set
    This is the best above ground pool overall and has a semi-permanent installation. A 15-meter diameter allows you to host the entire family or have pool parties. The interior promotes water circulation allowing the water to be safe and clean.
  • Summer Waves Pool
    This is one of the premium pools and has a few premium features like a PVC-reinforced mesh, a built-in pump system, as well as a cartridge and skimmer basket that allows easy maintenance of the above ground pool.

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