Four Things You Need To Know About Business Satellite Internet Providers

Four things you need to know about business satellite Internet providers

Choosing among various small business Internet providers can be tricky when most claim to be fast business Internet providers. It is hard to choose the best Internet provider and you have to consider various factors like the network performance, connectivity, and even the availability in your area.

Business satellite Internet providers are one of the best Internet provider services for small business Internet service providers. If your business is located in the rural areas, business satellite Internet is probably the only option you might have. The nationwide availability of satellite Internet is a great thing for all small Internet providers.

What are some of the popular small business Internet providers?

While choosing the best Internet provider for small businesses, speed, availability and price point are some of the key factors that are taken into consideration. Below are some of the popular small business Internet providers:

  • Viasat offers improved and new features by providing amazing plans, speeds, and prices which make them one of the best business satellite Internet providers.
  • AT&T is also a great small business Internet provider as it provides a downloading speed of 1,000 MBPS and the starting price is as low as $39.99.
  • HughesNet is also one of the popular business Internet providers that have amazing plans at great prices which tend to be standard all across the country.
  • Verizon is a popular small business Internet option as well. The Internet provides a download speed between 880 to 940 Mbps. The starting price of this connection is only $39.99.

What are the perks of business satellite Internet provider?

Satellite Internet service is one of the common small business Internet providers choices especially in rural areas. There are various reasons why people choose satellite Internet. Some of the perks of small business satellite Internet provider are:

  • Satellite is available widely: Satellite Internet providers can be found almost anywhere and everywhere as satellite Internet service is provided by constantly orbiting the Earth.
  • It is one of the fastest options: Satellite Internet providers often provide faster Internet as compared to other small business Internet providers like dial-up. Some satellite Internet provides regular speed from 35 to even 100 Mbps.
  • Easy setup: To simply start the satellite Internet service, all you need to do is install a small satellite dish in your property.

How does business satellite Internet providers work?

The complete business satellite Internet provider system consists of three main components – satellite dish, orbiting satellite that transfers and receives, and modem.

  • The Internet data from the satellite dish of your business is sent to the orbiting satellite that is owned by your Internet business provider. The satellite then simply relays the data to a stationary satellite dish that is connected to the Internet.
  • The satellite that provides the Internet service rotates at the same pace as that of the earth. This ensures that your satellite remains in constant contact with the satellite that is orbiting.

What are some of the myths associated with business satellite Internet service providers?
There are various myths that are associated with satellite Internet as one of the small business Internet providers. Some of the common myths about satellite Internet are:

  • Satellite Internet has slow speed: Earlier, satellite Internet was not considered as one of the preferable small business Internet providers as it used to have an extremely slow download speed of around 750 Kbps. However, with the advancement in technology and the development of new satellites, the speed has increased up to 100 Mbps which makes it one of the best small business Internet providers.
  • Satellite Internet fails in cloudy, rainy, or stormy weather: Severe thunderstorms, blizzard, heavy snow and other extreme weather conditions may interrupt satellite transmission temporarily. However, the problem isn’t as significant and severe as it sounds. Signals are usually restored quickly as the storm passes and even when the network is restricted due to snow, you can simply remove the heavy snow that is accumulated around the satellite to restore the communication.
  • Satellite Internet is expensive: Compared to other small business Internet providers, the business satellite Internet providers may sound expensive. However, the monthly costs have decreased over the last few years. A decent satellite Internet plan can cost you as low as $50 a month. This amount happens to be in the same range of a cable or DSL Internet provider.

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