Five Affordable New Cars In The Sedan Segment You Can Buy In 2018

Five affordable new cars in the sedan segment you can buy in 2018
A sedan seems to have been here forever, but it only gets keeps getting better. The sedan has been the ideal car for long as it balances cargo space and seating. It is a traditional vehicle that has proved time and again that it is here to stay, despite tough competition from other car types. Gone are the days when affordable new cars meant a serious lack of features. You can get a sedan for a pretty low price, and this is good news. For those who are looking for sedans in the affordable range, the five budget-friendly cars you can buy in 2018 are here. These are the Nissan VERSA® S, Kia Rio LX, Ford Fiesta S, Mitsubishi Mirage G4 ES, and Hyundai Accent SE.

How is the Nissan VERSA® S Sedan?

  • Nissan VERSA® S Sedan ($12,995) was built for being the most affordable new cars in sedans in the country.
  • This sedan comes with only a manual transmission. The trunk is big, which is on par with some of the more expensive sedans in the market.
  • The user-friendly controls and easy child seat installation are features that come in handy.
  • There is more legroom, which means it is comfortable for tall people to sit in the car.
  • There are power exterior mirrors and audio controls available on the steering wheel. These features make it an excellent sedan for its price.

What are the important aspects of the Kia Rio LX Sedan?

  • The Kia Rio LX sedan is priced at $14,795 and is worth the price you pay for it.
  • It is one of those models that are great overall and provide you with a great value for the sedan.
  • The cabin looks beautiful and is convenient. It is classier than the other subcompact options.
  • You get a comfortable ride in this sedan, and when it comes to the layout, it is no-nonsense. Everything is neatly there in front of you without looking cheap and loud.
  • Another benefit of this sedan over the others is that the power rating is better than many other sedans.

What does the Ford Fiesta S Sedan offer?

  • The Ford Fiesta S Sedan model costs $15,080 and is one of the affordable new cars you should not judge based on its looks.
  • We are not saying it doesn’t look good; it does, but it is much more powerful than you would expect.
  • It has good steering power, which is crisp in nature, and it is fantastic for the price it is offered at.
  • For a city car, it makes a good choice. You won’t feel like your safety is in question because the sedan offers you with secure body control that is impressive.
  • There have been improvements made on the interior, which is great, and the rear seat is better than earlier.

What should you know about the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 ES Sedan?

  • The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 ES Sedan costs $15,290 and comes with fuel efficiency. This is one of the basic sedans and affordable new cars that provide the front seats and rear seats with good support and legroom.
  • The trunk is spacious, which means you can add plenty of luggage to the car.
  • There is a hill-hold feature that is available too. The warranty is better than the other affordable new cars in the sedan category.
  • There is the feature of balanced handling that is provided with Mirage G4 ES, which is great. The seats can be adjusted in multiple ways from the side or the driver.

What is Hyundai Accent SE Sedan all about?

  • Priced at $15,880, the Hyundai Accent SE Sedan is one of the affordable new cars that you should know about.
  • The sedan comes with a sophisticated look both in the interior and exterior. You will find controls in the sedan that are intuitive.
  • There is a blind-spot mirror that is part of the sedan, which greatly helps minimize the risk.
  • The shape of the trunk ensures that you can store more, along with some storage space available in the cabin.
  • The outward visibility of this car is impressive as well. It comes with power mirrors, windows, and locks feature too, which is a bonus.

A sedan provides loads of good options and when you have so many affordable new cars in 2018 to choose from, it just gets better. So if you have been thinking of getting a sedan, you should start considering these cars for their affordability factors and the value that they offer. When you are tight on budget, it should not mean that you give up on your sedan dreams. Check out the affordable new cars covered in the article, and you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.

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