Finding The Best Business Phone Numbers

Finding the best business phone numbers
A business phone number is important in today’s world for every business, be it small or big, as it helps separate your professional life from your personal one, clearly drawing a line. It only takes a few minutes to launch and can be obtained for free.

This article will help you understand how to obtain and install a business phone number, how to get local or toll-free (800) numbers and what works best for you, and the importance of vanity phone numbers. You’ll also get to know the benefits and the disadvantages of each type of phone number. Alternatively, if you wish to establish a complete small business phone system, you will find several providers who offer local or toll-free phone numbers at no additional cost.

Why is buying a phone number technically illegal?

  • Though you will not find any market for phone numbers, you will have to find some kind of online marketplace that is specifically meant for phone numbers.
  • A phone number is actually a genuine business property, and when a company moves out of business or is sold out to another company, you can sell this as a “business asset”.
  • When selling your business assets to anyone, you can simply contact the owner of the particular business and let them buy the assets of your business, which could also include the business phone number, along with the furniture, computer equipment as well as the customer list.
  • You can also buy a business for getting their phone number, and then you can approach the business owner who launches a new business and purchases most assets back from you.

What kind of business phone numbers work best for a small business?

  • Virtual phone numbers are also an option, which are both local numbers as well as toll-free ones, or vanity numbers that are forwarded to an existing phone line.
  • While these are not exactly a separate category, virtual business phone numbers are quite an important option for the latest and small businesses.

Why does advertising need vanity phone numbers?

  • Vanity phone numbers usually work well for many kinds of advertising companies like TV, social media, and radio, mostly because of its memorability and recall value.
  • In order to place online ads, this isn’t significant, because you can directly contact those companies by mobile as well as through the web.

What is the difference between a local phone number and a toll-free number?

  • Suppose you are not interested in advertising your phone number. In that case, you can list it as a contact on your website for the business or in the directories.
  • However, later on, you will have to make a decision on whether you wish to go for a local number or a toll-free one.
  • Users generally wish to use the local phone numbers while they make a call to local small businesses.
  • According to a CRM study, ads in print yellow pages directories that also have local numbers listed usually receive twice as many calls as those made with the toll-free 800 numbers.
  • The local phone numbers will leave an impact of a more personal and focused business.
  • A toll-free number, on the other hand, usually helps make a call with the call centers, along with long on-hold times and automated menus.

What are the advantages of using a toll-free 800 number?

  • If you are not running business locally, you do not want a phone number of a specific region, as it could simply lead customers to believe that you don’t operate outside your region. This impression could be wrong in the case of freelancers or businesses selling universal products.
  • Toll-free numbers help in such cases.
  • In case you think having a local business phone number could harm your small business by making it seem like a smaller operation, toll-free numbers work perfectly.

Should new businesses stick to virtual numbers?

  • Traditionally, to get a new phone number, one needed to install a new phone line at their place of business or at home. Today, one can add new phone numbers to their existing devices and lines via virtual numbers.
  • This usually makes virtual numbers absolutely ideal for new small businesses that simply wish to use a new business phone number and don’t have enough capital to invest in a full-scale phone system.
  • Actually, most businesses eventually connect to a professional phone system, and they do not depend on any employees to use their own smartphones.

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