Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Luxury Suv

Everything you need to know before buying a luxury vehicle
All-wheel drive, passenger capacity, cargo capacity, better ground clearance, better traction in slippery conditions, and off-road capabilities are a few reasons why you must buy a sports utility vehicle (SUV). The vehicle appeals to a wide range of drivers and offers a great combination of style, comfort, performance, and all-around utility.
You can also avail finance options for both new and used vehicles for most of the 2018 luxury SUV brands. Before making a purchase, you can refer to the following commonly asked questions and answers to help make an informed decision.

What are the important points to consider before buying an SUV?

  • Note that SUVs feature powerful engines in some of the compact and mid-size variants, which is why you must check what is under the hood.
  • Also, take into account fuel efficiency, as most of the larger variants and premium SUV models offer no more than 20 miles per gallon that will also vary for city and highway driving.
  • Passenger capacity is one of the most important selling factors for an SUV, so always compare trim variants that offer a minimum of 6 seater capacity.
  • Depending on the type of vehicle, you will be spending an average of $20,000 for a basic SUV and over $60,000 for the base premium variants across brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo Cars.

Which are the different types of luxury SUVs?

  • The best 2018 luxury SUV brands offer trim variants across truck-based SUVs, subcompact SUVs, small SUVs, compact sporty SUVs, mid-size SUVs, and large SUVs.
  • Truck-based SUVs offer more cargo and towing payload capacity with a powerful engine and a sturdy chassis that also offers off-road capabilities.
  • Subcompact SUVs, on the other hand, are a smaller version and offer limited seating and payload capacity, making the vehicles easier to maneuver in comparison to the large size SUVs.
  • Subcompact SUVs are growing in popularity available across popular brands like Chevrolet, Honda, Jeep, and Toyota.
  • You can also consider trim variants across small and compact sporty SUVs that offer better handling and driving experience.
  • If you are looking for a vehicle that can replace your minivan, a mid-size luxury SUV will serve your purpose.
  • Large SUVs offer the perfect combination of power, interior space, and towing capacity. However, it is worth noting that large SUVs are also slightly more difficult to drive and maneuver owing to their size.

Which are the most important features to consider while buying a luxury SUV?

  • Engine, fuel economy, and the transmission configuration for front wheel or all-wheel drive are among the basic features to consider.
  • Preferably, you can opt for a trim variant that offers all-wheel drive, automatic transmission, and a basic fuel economy of at least 20 miles on the gallon.
  • Towing capacity is another feature that you must consider, as some of the larger SUVs are normally used for long-distance hauls and have almost 9000 pounds of towing capacity.
  • Identify the purpose for which you are buying an SUV. Do you want one specifically for off-roading? or do you need a luxury SUV for driving in the city?
  • It is important to narrow down the specifics according to your driving needs to get a good deal across some of the best 2018 luxury SUV brands offering different trim variants.
  • Most premium and luxury SUV brands offer safety features including airbags, electronic stability control while driving, collision control, telematic systems, lane assist, and other advanced safety technologies.

Should you buy a new SUV or go for a used luxury SUV?

  • With a new car comes depreciation in value over the years, as a typical car will lose half of its value within the first three years.
  • If you take a finance for a new luxury SUV, chances are you might end up paying more than the value of the car itself over the years with a low down payment option.
  • However, you can avoid this problem by buying a used vehicle from a market that is three times more in size with plenty of affordable options to go around.

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