Essential Things To Know About The Latest Tablets In The Market

Essential things to know about the latest tablets in the market

Tablets are not as new or recent as most of us think they are. Companies like Apple and Samsung are ruling the tablet market in the country. But it isn’t them who first came with this product. The idea was seeded back in 1968 when a computer scientist names Alan Kay had proposed computer devices that were flat and didn’t have the separate hardware. The screen and keyboard were a part of a single plate, and he names the device Dynabook. With innovation and technological evolution, new ideas and more modern devices were produced by companies like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google, Asus, Lenovo, etc.

Here are the things you need to know about the latest tablets and their manufacturers.

What are the top tablet companies globally?

  • Apple – Although Apple faced a drop in its sales in iPads (tablets) in the year 2015, if there is any one thing that brings the company on the top of their, it is the justice they give to their slogan ‘Think Different.’
  • Samsung – Samsung is one of the biggest conglomerates. Their success in mobile phones helped them compete with Apple, and they launched tablets. Apple launched its iPad in January 2010 and Samsung launched is first Samsung Galaxy tablet in September the same year. Though Samsung does not work on the same operating system as Apple does, it provides people with a cheaper alternative, and that has helped Samsung succeed.
  • Amazon – One of the best tablets by Amazon is the Amazon Fire HD 10. The low-cost tablets have let them make a mark in the lower end market.
  • Lenovo – Lenovo makes tablets that run on Windows and Android operating system, and this makes them expand their market.
  • Huawei – This is a huge Chinese company making phone and tablets both. This is one of the biggest telecommunication companies with the slogan ‘A better way.’ One of their most successful tablets is MediaPad X2.
  • Other remarkable tablet companies are Microsoft, Asus, Google, Nvidia, and HTC.

How are tablet makers competing against each other?

  • Companies know that first mover’s advantage no longer works as people love variety
  • It is difficult for a company to keep customers’ loyalty and that gives opportunity to other competitor companies to make a mark and compete even against the best
  • Vertical and horizontal innovation is what keep all companies stay in the highly competitive market
  • Understanding the need and creating a need is one of the winning ways that most tablet makers are adapting to. For example, Microsoft is making tablets that have detachable keyboard unlike a Samsung tablet or an iPad.

What are the most useful features in a tablet?

  • A tablet is a substitute for a laptop or computer. And useful features make the tablet be the best substitute
  • Since tablets don’t use lot of power, long-lasting battery adds to an important feature
  • The screen of the tablet is an important feature. Anything too small or too big can make a tablet lose out on its customers
  • Just like mobile phones and laptops, tablets are chosen based on their RAM and the higher the RAM, higher the preference.

How are the tablets priced in the market to compete with each other?

  • The top players in the market have the advantage to sell their tablets for higher price.
  • Nonetheless, the factors based on which a company decides its tablet’s cost are material cost, manufacturing cost, total production cost, retail price, and profit margin.
  • Despite considering all the parameters mentioned above, strategic pricing plays the most important role in the success or failure of a tablet or any other product for that matter.
  • Based on the price, the tablet manufacturers scale customer satisfaction and then reprice their product if needed. Repricing is done subtly and usually by launching another product.

What are the upcoming tablets you should look out for?

  • Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus – Releasing in September 2017
  • Amazon New Fire HD 10 – Releasing in September 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 – Releasing in September 2017

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