An Overview Of The Fiesta Dinnerware Products

An overview of the Fiesta dinnerware products
You do not eat dinner just to fill your stomach. A meal should be as much a treat to your eyes as it is to your tongue. Something that can make that possible is the utensils in which the food is served. Your dinnerware, in particular, should stand out, and this is because mealtimes are when every member of the family is seated on the table. Attractive dinnerware would add grace to the experience. Moreover, if you are hosting a small dinner or gathering, even a simple dinner would appear lavish if the dinnerware is something of the likes of Fiesta® dinnerware.

Can the dinnerware by Fiesta® be considered as a gift option?
Gifts are meant for the most special people. Fiesta® has something for everyone, no matter whom you wish to gift, be it your neighbor, friend, boss, a colleague, or a cousin.

  • Has your wife just learned how to brew the best coffee or mastered the art of baking the best cakes? You can gift them a dinnerware set out of the newbie or baker’s collection.
  • Do you want to gift your friend a good dinnerware piece for the Christmas season? A mug printed with a snowman on it would be an apt gift for the occasion.
  • Does your boss have a new pet cat? Do you wish to strengthen their bond? You could gift them a cute cat treat jar.
  • The gifts options are endless on Fiesta®. You can also gift a vase, and there are options of gift cards and 3 piece sets, among various other interesting options.

What is Colorama by Fiesta®?

  • How about selecting the color of your dinnerware right from your device’s screen? Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?
  • Colorama by Fiesta® allows you to personalize your dinnerware set with virtually almost every piece of dinnerware you can think of. It offers 20 shades of colors, a variety of products, and several combinations for you to choose from.
  • You can choose a dish, a utensil, or even glassware, and fill a color of choice across all to create your customized dinnerware set.

Which are some of the most popular Fiesta® dinnerware pieces?
Some of the most popular dinnerware pieces by Fiesta® are the following:

  • At a little under $8, you can purchase a fruit/Salsa bowl that can be glazed in an ocean of colors. It could be just the perfect container for your colorful fruit salad.
  • The luncheon plate by Fiesta® is most popularly bought in lapis, turquoise, and mulberry colors, and is available for less than $12.
  • The four-piece place set comes with a Java mug, a bowl, a luncheon plate, and a big dinner plate to accommodate anything and everything. What’s even better is that with every five pieces, you get the sixth one absolutely free!
  • With a tapered mug, you can enjoy your bedtime tea or morning coffee to the most.

What are the features and benefits of the Fiesta® dinnerware products?

  • They are microwave-safe for up to 500 degrees Celsius.
  • You can remove them from the freezer and directly use them in the oven without the need to thaw.
  • They are lead-free and dishwasher-safe.
  • They can withstand freezing temperatures of up to -500 degrees Celsius.
  • They are made from industrial-strength full vitrified ceramics.
  • They do not absorb moisture or odor.

How should you use and take care of Fiesta® products?

  • Clean the products with detergent and warm water; do not use cold water.
  • When cleaning bakeware surfaces, never use abrasives.
  • It is recommended to use wooden or plastic tools when stacking them.
  • If the bottom surface feels rough, rubbing or sanding against another bottom will help make the surface smoother.

What materials are Fiesta® dinnerware products made of?
The Fiesta® dinnerware products are made from the following materials to afford strength and durability to each item:

  • Feldspar
  • Clay
  • Alumina
  • Silica

Fiesta® dinnerware makes for an ideal addition to your kitchen and dining table. The bright colors will make the room lively and add life and vigor to your mealtime experience.

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