An Overview Of Online Work From Home Jobs

An overview of online work from home jobs
The advent of the Internet has transformed the employment sector and given freelancing jobs the respect it deserves. Some of the easily available work from home jobs include cheque cashing and encashing jobs, pharmacy billing jobs, handicrafts jobs, raw material collector jobs, and the infamous envelope stuffing scam jobs to get money and play with people. Today, there still some questionable work from home job options, but there are significant improvements because of the advent of social media. The studies done by the Upwork and Freelancers Union mentions that work from home is still a taboo for half of the population when it comes to earning. However, millennials are all set for freelance jobs and in the next 5 years, you will see a lot many millennials taking up the work from home job options.

Let us check out some work from home options in the country.

Are there any virtual media work from home jobs?

  • Many businesses are operating online these days, and they are looking to hire virtual assistants to help their business.
  • They are hired to mostly help with the onshore virtual office address and organize and administer tasks online.
  • Some virtual assistants are hired as contractors, and as per the International Virtual Assistants Association, they can work from any remote location. They should be qualified to assist multiple clients and support work like technical, creative, and admin services. Additionally, they should be available to respond to emails and have a very agile and flexible work environment.
  • Creating content, social media engagement, and business development would be some of the other work from home jobs in this sector.
  • Virtual assistants charge anywhere from approximately $15 to $75 an hour, based on the kind of work. However, these rates may vary.

Which are some of the work from home medical jobs?

  • Medical transcribing is a great work from home option for those who work for hospitals and private physicians. Those engaged in this work are called medical transcriptionists.
  • Medical transcriptionists can choose any time and place to conduct the meeting and even do a Skype demo call.
  • Their job description involves transcribing medical dictation, computer work, and other requirements after completing a medical transcriptionist program.
  • They charge around $17.17 an hour or a monthly wage of $35,720 as per the May 2016 reports.
  • These individuals are self-employed and can do multiple jobs, whether it is in community colleges or in any schools.

Are there any writing jobs which can be done from home?

  • There is an umpteen number of jobs for content writing, content creation, and digital marketing.
  • Writers are in most need these days, no matter what the industry.
  • Translation work, digital and content marketing, and content creation are some common jobs available online nowadays.
  • Some companies even outsource their content and hire writers who can do freelance jobs.
  • Some companies have in-house writers who are trained well before they start a job.
  • Upwork, Freelancer, and Media Bistro are some of the websites where you can look up for freelance content-writing jobs.
  • Content writers can earn up to $1,500 for an article, and they can earn up to $61,240 per month. The top-earning workers earn up to $118,640.

What are the social media engagement work from home jobs?

Every business, be it small or big, is on social media these days and gets much more visibility than earlier days. This is much more cost effective, especially, compared to advertising in newspapers, on the radio, or on television telecasts. A business just needs the right manager to manage their content and produce new content every other day if it wants to engage its viewers. Apart from engaging, a business also needs to be part of discussion forums and answer the customer’s issues and be responsive. These are decision makers for a customer.

  • Social media engagement is a great work from home job because you can deal these details through emails because of the collective nature of the work that needs to be done.
  • You can look up websites like Career Builder, Simply Hired, Up work, etc. for jobs related to social media marketing or content creation.

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