An Overview Of Business Text Messaging

An overview of business text messaging
Business text messaging is opening up a new channel of communication with customers and consumers. This may be for marketing purposes or for feedback. It can facilitate better communication between the business and its customers and also improves rapport and increases sales. It is inexpensive as compared to other marketing channels and reaches a wider audience.

What can business text messaging be used for?

  • Business text messaging can be used to send coupons, to make customers aware of special deals, to inform them about upcoming events or any other information that you believe your customers should ideally know.
  • SMS messaging automatically informs your customers conveniently. It also helps grow your audience.
  • With some messages, multimedia messages may need to be sent, but that can be helpful as well as it includes other features like asking questions and taking a poll or a survey.

How can you use business text messaging?

  • You can send regular messages or special messages with automatic responses to opt-in options.
  • Business text messaging can be personalized as well.
  • You can also schedule messages so that the messages go out at a certain time on different days.

How can you start sending messages to your customers?

  • Most business text messaging services provide you with a number used solely for SMS messaging.
  • These numbers can be leased or purchased from them as required.
  • It is important for a business to be able to purchase the right keywords for the messaging services.

What are the best messaging marketing services?

  • Textedly: This is a cloud-based tool for businesses of all sizes and provides features such as group texting, text scheduling, and customized auto replies. Texts can be over 300 characters long, and it also has a link-shrinking feature, where a link is minimized to use fewer characters. It automatically gathers location information for each subscriber and provides analytics to be used as well.
  • TrueDialog: TrueDialog assists users in sending messages that are both one-on-one and bulk messages with special controls for users. It is specially designed for educational institutions with controls that can track various conversations at the same time. It helps you keep track of new enrollments, raise awareness in volunteer activities, and facilitate other activities like student elections.
  • EZ Texting: This messaging service provides cloud-based solutions for businesses across various industries. It helps them communicate better and share promotional material. It includes features of chat, polls, reminders, multimedia messaging, etc. It also acquires customers through responses to particular keywords, sign-up forms, and text forwarding.
  • Avochato: Mainly working as a reputation management solution, it is designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers management for customer reviews and responses. It also caters to a range of industries like home, car, real estate, insurance, delivery services, and e-commerce.
  • Mobiniti: It helps engage customers via text messaging. Some of its main features include contests, coupons, automation, feedback, and reviews. It allows users to send messages to people in their contact list or even target messages to certain groups of people. It helps you schedule campaigns and send customized messages based on events.
  • SimpleTexting: With key features like data collection, multimedia marketing, polling subscribers, sweepstakes, autoresponders, web forms, etc, SimpleTexting is one of the best messaging services in the market. They have a sub-account feature that allows added users to edit sender lists.
  • Ytel Contact Center: This messaging service particularly provides services to call centers. They have dedicated phone support systems that help them manage multiple channels of communications. With access to various mobile devices and analytics, Ytel is a good messaging service for large businesses or call centers. Users can also acquire reviews from customers using Yelp! and Google review account links. It also provides users with real-time NPS scores.
  • TargetEveryone: TargetEveryone is a multichannel marketing media that helps users create mobile campaigns that reach large audiences. It has a campaign manager with a campaign editor, and users can design pages with ease. Users can check the status of their campaign, including the statistics such as viewership. This information can be used to follow up with customers. The campaign can further be evaluated based on parameters like conversion rates.

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