An Introduction To Auto Insurance Quotes

An introduction to auto insurance quotes
“Many of us take better care of our automobiles than we do of our bodies…yet auto has replaceable parts” – B.J. Palmer

What are auto insurance quotes?

  • Auto insurance is also called car insurance, vehicle insurance, or motor insurance.
  • Auto insurance, as the word suggests, is insurance for automobiles such as motorcycles, trucks, cars, and other road vehicles.
  • It provides financial protection from damages due to road accidents, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, weather, and collision with parked or immovable objects.

Why should one have auto insurance?

  • Most states in the country require a vehicle owner to have auto insurance (states such as New Hampshire and Mississippi offer different options when it comes to auto insurance).
  • Auto insurance enables you to pay for the expenses that could arise as a result of owning an automobile.
  • It gives a sense of security to the insurance holder.
  • It is a measure that provides safety to your car.

What is an insurance quote?

  • It is an estimate of the rate that your insurance provider may charge.
  • It is subject to change based on the information provided by you at the time of the quote.
  • It is always advisable to be more forthcoming with the information given to the insurance quote provider.

How can you get an insurance quote?

  • You can call an insurance agent and provide the necessary information. You can expect the agent to call you back with a quote.
  • You can get an insurance quote online based on the information you provide. In order to get an accurate quote online, you will have to provide a lot of detailed information.

What sort of information should be provided to get auto insurance quotes?
The following information has to be provided for auto insurance quotes:

  • The zip code
  • The make and model of the vehicle
  • The driving history of the vehicle, including the miles driven per day
  • Car history
  • Details of car ownership
  • Whether the car is used for personal or business purposes
  • Number of cars owned
  • The number of people who will be driving the car
  • If the car has salvage title
  • Insurance history
  • Current insurance company
  • The expiry date of the current policy
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Social Security Number
  • Whether you own a house
  • Profession
  • Driving violations, if any

What are the factors that affect the time taken to get auto insurance quotes?

  • The number of drivers and vehicles that you have will affect the time taken to get auto insurance quotes.
  • The time taken by the insurance agent to calculate the costs before returning the phone call in case you had called an agent matters too.
  • Your computing skills if you choose to get a quote online will, naturally, determine how soon you can get your quote.
  • The number of questions that you may have about the information given to you about the auto insurance quote also determines the time taken at arriving at a quote.

What are the disadvantages of insurance quotes?

  • The quotes given by different companies often vary.
  • This variation is regardless of whether the policies being compared are alike.

How do you overcome these disadvantages?

  • You should compare quotes with at least four or five different insurance providers.
  • Use the help of websites that instantly allow you to compare quotes from many auto insurance companies.

What are the different types of auto quote comparison sites?

  • Quote comparison sites are companies that provide quotes. They do not sell their information to other insurance carriers.
  • Lead generation sites, on the other hand, sell your information to their advertising insurance companies.
  • Quote comparison sites are of two types, either real-time insurance quote sites or estimated quote sites.
  • Estimated quotes are generated from historic data, whereas real-time quotes use current and more accurate information.

What are the different car insurance comparison sites with real-time quotes?

  • Insurify

What are the different car insurance comparison sites with estimated quotes?

  • The Zebra
  • Nerdwallet

What are the different Lead generation sites?

  • Net Quote
  • ValuePenguin
  • Everquote
  • QuoteWizard
  • SmartFinancial
  • InsuranceQuotes

When should you compare car insurance policies?

  • You should compare auto insurance policies every six months to a year; in other word, you should do it every time your current policy is due for renewal.
  • If your needs have changed, you might want to review your existing policy and shop for what you currently require.

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