A Guide To Cloud Business Voip System For Small Businesses

A guide to cloud business VoIP system for small businesses
A cloud business VoIP system for small businesses gives you the means to reduce IT overhead and provides you with various benefits that are not possible with a traditional landline phone system.

What is a cloud business VoIP system?

  • A cloud business VoIP system is also known as hosted PBX, hosted phone system, cloud phone system, or hosted VoIP system.
  • It is a phone system where calls are transmitted over the Internet. This type of phone system uses packet-switched technology.
  • A cloud VoIP system is hosted by a VoIP provider. This phone system is a versatile method that gives you scalability and advanced features when compared to landline phone systems.

How does a cloud business VoIP system for small businesses differ from an on-premise VoIP? Where do landline phone systems come in?

  • In a cloud VoIP system, the hardware equipment, except for the actual phones, is maintained by your provider and is not located in your premises.
  • In on-premise VoIP, the hardware equipment is maintained at your company, by your own employees. The cost of procuring this equipment is also incurred by your company.
  • The cloud business VoIP system for small businesses telephony can be implemented quickly, without spending too much. Landline telephony requires a higher setup cost.
  • Landline telephony is best for very small businesses that want customization capabilities and more control. Cloud VoIP is for small businesses that want to save more as they scale the company.
  • Landline phone systems can be highly complicated when your business grows. Cloud VoIP handles expansion easily and is cost-effective.
  • The cloud VoIP system gives you more control, whereas a landline telephone system gives you more to manage. You need IT resources for the latter.

What are the most important features of a cloud VoIP system for small businesses?

  • When you are a small business, you want to get the most without having to invest a lot of your money. Thankfully, cloud VoIP helps you do that with ease.
  • The most important features you should look out for in a cloud VoIP phone system for small businesses are that it should allow you to receive calls on a mobile phone when the need arises.
  • It should be able to allow you to look up the history of calls and their details and should come with the option of collaborating with other tools.
  • It should give you the ability to route calls to the concerned person with ease. And must provide a call screening feature that helps determine the caller.
  • It should allow you to choose your phone numbers, including toll-free ones.

What are the benefits of cloud business VoIP system for small businesses?
Are you using landline phone system and want to switch to cloud VoIP system? Here are the benefits of switching from a landline phone system to hosted PBX:

  • You do not require any infrastructure. This will save you a lot, since you won’t need an IT team for maintaining landlines! The cloud-based telephony provider will be in charge of providing you with the means to use their service.
  • The main aspect is that you should have a strong Internet connection. Once you have that, you can use this type of system anywhere you want. If you are a business that operates from different locations, this is an excellent choice.
  • You are not required to invest a great deal of money like in landline systems. The maintenance costs of landline systems are also pretty high. A cloud VoIP system will save you from maintaining hardware and managing upgrades. You only need to pay a per-month charge. This gives you the liberty to modify your plan as your business expands.
  • When it comes to scalability, cloud VoIP telephony wins hands down. A landline telephone system becomes difficult to scale when your company grows. Cloud phone system provides you with an easy solution that is time-saving too.
  • Your employees will be able to devote time to other things that will make your business more efficient. With landline phone systems, your employees have to think about managing calls. With the cloud business VoIP system for small businesses, they don’t have to devote much time to attending calls.

Are there any disadvantages of cloud business VoIP system for small businesses?

  • The cloud VoIP system is amazing, but it does have its own drawbacks.
  • Since everything depends on your Internet connection, your ISP should provide a high uptime. It will affect your calls and might make you miss some important calls.
  • A secondary Internet connection from a different provider can come in handy to solve this.
  • When you are shifting to a cloud-based system, you will be required to purchase extra equipment. These may include extra Ethernet utilities such as cords and a router that can handle your demands. However, this is nothing compared to the costs you will incur for a landline telephone system.
  • These problems are relatively negligible when compared to the advantages of this type of telephony. Moreover, if you have a great ISP, you will not run into many problems.

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