A Guide To Buying Ray Ban Glasses

A guide to buying Ray Ban glasses

Sunglasses are rapidly becoming a must-have style quotient for men. They are an integral part of men’s fashion and work aesthetically well in completing any look. With its rising popularity, men’s Ray-Ban glasses are being shopped for exceedingly by most men around the world. Ray-Ban is one of the most top-rated brands when it comes to men’s sunglasses. Here’s a list of things that you must know about men’s Ray-Ban sunglasses.

What must you know about Ray-Ban?

  • Ray-Ban, as a brand, was founded back in 1853. It is registered under the mother brand Bausch & Lomb, which has a major hold in making lenses for glasses and sunglasses.
  • Ray-Ban offers the options to choose between two types of lenses. If your eyes are sensitive to light, you can opt for the polarized lenses; a photochromic lens is ideal for prescription wearers as it offers a seamless transition from light to dark.
  • Ray-Ban offers six main designs, The Aviator, The Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Justin, Round, and Erika. The sixth one is a recent addition and is called Clubround.

What should you consider while buying men’s Ray Ban glasses?

  • When you choose a pair of men’s Ray-Ban sunglasses, you must consider them to be an investment as they are supremely sturdy.
  • Compare the different types of offers available on the home website as well as other websites. Websites like Amazon, BestBuy, and other merchant sites might have discounts on men’s Ray-Ban sunglasses.
  • Even if you are shopping online, you have the option to check how the glasses would look on your face. Ray-Ban website offers a virtual try-on for the glasses.
  • You must also know that you can also customize your style when it comes to men’s Ray-Ban glasses. Even if this might be slightly expensive, you can get the desired style.

Which are the different types of men’s Ray-Ban glasses?
As mentioned above, there are six different styles of men’s Ray-Ban sunglasses. Let’s get to know them in detail.

  • The Aviator: This is the styles that will be at the top of your mind or google search when it comes to men’s Ray-Ban sunglasses. The aviators are one of the primary introductions in the Ray-Ban sunglasses collection.
  • Wayfarer: The Wayfarers were introduced back in 1952, and they immediately gained popularity among the male population of the country. The popularity soon declined, but it shot again after Tom Cruise donned it in ‘Risky Business’ in 1983.
  • Clubmaster: The Clubmaster is definitely not the first choice for most people, but it is slowly gaining a strong popularity. It works best if you are trying to go for the vintage aesthetic, as it has a very retro 50s look.
  • Round: Round style sunglasses found a home among the popular musicians in the 1960s, you can obviously think of John Lennon when you are considering the Round styles. The recent addition has seen the round glasses drift a little towards the oval shape.
  • Justin: If you are looking for dank glasses, these Ray-Ban men’s sunglasses provide just enough cutting edge to your bad boy personality. The Justin has an unusual shape, a bold design and fits between a Wayfarer and a Clubmaster.
  • Erika: This design is the perfect balance between the retro and the modern design of frames from Ray-Ban. The Erika dons a thin design in the classic as well as rubber fronts and is completed with a metal temple or tone-on-tone temple tips.

Where can I buy men’s Ray-Ban glasses?

  • Online: You can buy men’s Ray-Ban glasses online at a ray ban’s home website or a merchant website like Amazon or BestBuy. These websites have great discounts for you to indulge in.
  • Offline: If you wish to buy men’s Ray-Ban glasses, you can stroll to your nearest ray ban store or a departmental store that specializes in sunglasses.

This guide should help you buy men’s Ray-Ban glasses that are ideal for your face style as you can try them online as well as offline.

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