5 Questions To Ask Before Buying Samsung Lcd Tvs

5 questions to ask before buying Samsung LCD TVs

With dramatic changes sweeping through the television market, there are new products emerging at breakneck speed. Almost before you’ve figured out a new piece of technology, the next one’s shouldering its way in.

While shopping for television sets can be confusing, it’s also an exciting phase with the big brands vying for space and attention. Deals and discounts on slightly older models, amazing features and picture quality, they’re all up for grabs. There’s a huge range of smart TVs, LED and LCD, 4k and UHDTVs, and more are being launched at a relentless pace.

When it comes to LCD televisions, Samsung is a name that comes to one’s mind immediately. If you’re planning to buy an Samsung LCD television, do your homework and ask the right questions before you swipe your credit card. Look out for a Samsung TV sale in your neighborhood.

What’s the difference between LCD and LED TVs?

  • These two are practically the same thing.
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) TVs are a different type of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV, and the real term that they should be known by is LCD TV backlit by LEDs.
  • They both use liquid crystal displays, but the difference is that the older LCDs used cathode fluorescent lamps to light the screen, while LEDs use light emitting diodes.
  • Fluorescent lamps were located behind the screen, while LEDs can be placed along the edge.
  • That’s how you get thinner and thinner screens.
  • Today, LCD models have all mostly switched to LED lighting.

What are some of the features of Samsung LCD TVs?

  • The Samsung 32-inch LCD television is sleek and can be wall or swivel mounted.
  • They use CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) technology for backlighting the screen.
  • With a picture display of 1366×768 pixels, the color quality of Samsung LCD televisions is sharp due to Wide Color Enhancer technology.
  • Samsung LCD televisions have two inbuilt speakers for optimum sound, with the latest Dolby Pulse technology and SRS theater-level audio.
  • They come with HDMI and USB connectivity.
  • Samsung LCD televisions work on energy-efficient power consumption.
  • They include a sleep mode and sleep timer, with gaming mode.
  • You get a one-year warranty.

Are retail sales good opportunities to buy Samsung televisions?

  • Retail sales with catch phrases like “Samsung TV sale cheap” are good to pick up slightly older models.
  • Try and buy in January or September, as this is the period when new models are usually launched and previous generation tech can be grabbed at discounted prices.
  • Super Bowl season, Black Friday, and Spring Release Cycle are also good times for sales.
  • You don’t really need all those red-hot right-now features.
  • LEDs are slightly more expensive, because they’re thinner and newer.
  • Samsung LCD televisions have a good reputation and rank high on various consumer reports.
  • Refurbished, previously-opened, returned sets are good bargains if they’re in good condition and still under warranty.
  • Make sure you get your TV delivered and installed immediately so that if there are problems, you can note and report them instantly.
  • If you want more sophisticated features for streaming and gaming, and top-quality audio, consider external accessories.

What’s the low-down on 4k and UHDTV?

  • The new high resolution format for clearer, sharper picture quality is 4k.
  • It’s also referred to as Ultra HD, and the pixels are sufficient to fill 4 full 1080 pixel HD screens.
  • Images are about 4000 pixels wide, hence the name.
  • It works best on above 50 inch TV screens.
  • Prices are stabilizing, and it’s possible to get a budget set with 4k compatibility.
  • UHDTV stands for Ultra High Definition TV.
  • It’s a variation of the 4k digital cinema standard with a slightly lower resolution.
  • UHDTV is great if you engage in a lot of movie streaming.
  • Samsung and Panasonic have adopted the new standard for their latest products.
  • UHDTV can display higher resolutions than 4k and go up to 8k, but for anything above 4k, you need huge screens.

Can I make a comparison: LG 4k UHDTV vs Samsung 4k TV 2018?

  • Samsung’s Q9FN is a 65-inch LCD screen television with QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode) and native UHD resolution.
  • It’s the flagship model that’s been jazzed up after a damp opening in 2017.
  • The changes include direct backlighting and a full-array dimming system (local).
  • It comes with great color and clarity.
  • It’s a versatile model and can be used in darkened as well as well-lit rooms.
  • Price drop makes it an affordable choice among the top-quality models available.
  • This is Samsung’s challenge to LG’s C8 OLED (OLED is what LG calls 4k).
  • LG 4k UHDTV provides more natural, deeper colors.
  • The super-thin film on the UHDTV provides vivid color details.
  • Offers great viewing from any part of the room and not just the center or front portions.
  • It’s a slim, sleek, and space-saving design.
  • Smart TV format enables the use of apps through TV interface.
  • It’s great for watching your favorite shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services.

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