4 Uselful Tips For Choosing Healthy Dog Food

Dog food should include flavorful and healthy ingredients that are safe for your pet. Certain dog foods might fill your pooch, but some ingredients in them might not suit your pet, leading to allergic reactions. Choosing a dog food that is nutritious, healthy and tasty from a variety of products can be a difficult task. Here are some easy tips that’ll help you choose the healthiest dog food for your furry pal.

Know the important nutrients
This is an important tip that a pet owner should know before choosing healthy dog foods. Nutrients act as a source of energy to help maintain metabolic machinery. This not only improves their overall health and growth but also keeps their coat shiny. Proteins present in meats like turkey, lamb, and beef are necessary for maintaining cell, tissues, and organ health. Other foods such as eggs, cereals, and soy are also rich sources of protein. However, avoid feeding your dogs raw eggs, as they can experience an allergic reaction from the same. Carbohydrates are also an essential part of a dog’s diet. It helps improve gut health and provide energy to critical organs like the brain. Apart from this, vitamins and minerals are also required to boost your dog’s normal metabolic functioning.

Keep track of allergies
If you are buying dog food from stores, it is important to check the ingredient list. Different dog breeds are allergic to different ingredients. Hence, it is necessary to keep a tab on those specific foods and ingredients that trigger an allergic reaction in your dog. Once you are aware of the allergic reaction, read the dog food label carefully to check if it is safe to feed your pooch. If your dog still exhibits symptoms to the new dog food, stop it immediately and consult a vet to check for any underlying health condition.

Try different dog foods
Dogs can be picky eaters. Feeding them the same dog food will not only make their mealtime boring but also make their body used to specific nutrient levels. This can be problematic in the long run and lead to health conditions due to nutrient deficiencies or excesses. So, shortlist your dog’s favorite food by keeping in mind their preference and the nutrient value, and switch it occasionally.

Strictly avoid roadkill
There are many dog food brands that add roadkill to increase the meat content. Although these are available at a low price, roadkill is devoid of nutrients and can even be harmful for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Make sure to read the label and check for such ingredients that may harm your four-legged friend. Apart from this, avoid giving them added sweeteners in excess as it can affect their health in the long run. Dog foods containing artificial flavors and preservatives such as BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin should also be avoided. Look for foods that are flavored with healthy meats and fats. This tip will help you choose healthy foods and keep your dogs hale and hearty.

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