4 Tips To Find The Perfect Lipstick Shade

If you are someone who enjoys applying every shade of lipstick you can find, you know how difficult it can be to pick out a specific shade for an occasion. Aside from the popularly known suggestions about skin tones and undertones, there are a few other factors that can help you pick out a color that goes well with the look that you may have in mind. No matter what kind of look you are going for, whether it is a nude and natural look or if it’s a full glam look, the lipstick shade you choose can make or break your look.

  • Your skin

This is one of the most basic and commonly known tips about lipstick shades. While, these days, people are more open towards experimenting with unexpected colors of lip shades, if you are someone who is going for a mainstream makeup look, knowing the right shade for your lips is crucial. By a general rule of thumb, for those with pale skin or a lighter complexion, it is safer to go for shades like light pink, coral, peach, nude, and dusty red colors. On the other hand, those with medium to tan skin tones can start venturing into warmer shades, ranging from rock coral, deep pink, caramel, and wine.

  • Your hair and eyes

Picking out a lip shade that compliments your hair and eye color can really help enhance your overall look. Plus, it can accentuate your natural features. Those with cool-toned hair, such as light blonde, platinum, or even dark brown and ash black, should preferably go for blue-toned lipsticks, such as brighter shades of pink and red. However, those with warmer toned hair, such as golden blonde, coppery brown, and other warm shades of brown, should opt for shades that are warmer such as coral, orange, or bright red.

  • Matte or gloss

These days, lip shades are available in several finishes, namely matte, cream, and glossy. If you are opting for a more natural look, it is ideal to go for a natural lip color that can add some shine. On the other hand, if you are creating a more dramatic look that will need to be a little more long-lasting, creamy or matte finishes will be ideal.

  • Size of the lips

If you are someone whose lips are slightly fuller than average, and if you are looking for a lip shade that is suitable for your complexion, try going for darker and bolder tones of red with a matte finish. On the other hand, if your lips are thinner and you wish to define them a bit more, some light-toned or bright shades of lipstick would be suitable.

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