4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Senior Independent Living Community

4 questions to ask before choosing a senior independent living community
Seniors who want to live independently or no longer want to manage and maintain their own house can choose to stay in a senior independent community. With services and amenities tailor-made for seniors, these communities make life quite easy, especially, for those who require frequent medical care and assistance. Independent senior communities take care of recreation, social, medical, and daily living concerns of seniors. To ensure that the community lives up to the expectations, it is essential to think ahead of what are the requirements of the concerned senior and what kind of lifestyle they want to lead for the rest of their retired life. Here is some information to make the decision a little simpler.

How to decide whether to choose independent living for seniors or not?

  • An objective evaluation of present living situation should be done along with taking in the account future scenarios. Seniors should consider whether they are going to live with their children, independently, but close to where their children are living, or away in a senior living community.
  • Before choosing to stay in a senior living community, it is essential for seniors to consider whether they have the physical, emotional, and financial capability to run their own house. They should think about their security and comfort. Based on these factors, seniors can choose to live in their own house or move into an independent senior living community.
  • If seniors require assistance with daily activities, and if it is not possible to live with children or family, they may plan to move into a senior living facility that has all the provisions for the required assistance and care.

What are the factors to look for in an independent senior living community?

  • Costs– This one of the major factors to be considered while choosing an independent senior living community. Seniors need to take into account their active income, future financial requirements, and daily expenditure when picking an independent living facility. Check the monthly charges and any additional costs required for extra amenities and assistance at the community.
  • Amenities and services– Check whether the senior independent living community has all the amenities and facilities required by a senior to live a comfortable life or a life as close to similar as living in their own home. Medical facilities, recreational activities, housekeeping services, laundry services, and other such amenities and services are often offered as a part of the package.
  • Transportation– Many communities offer parking spaces as several seniors want to keep their own car when they move into the senior independent living homes. For seniors who do not have cars, the community should provide scheduled shuttle services or have easy access to public transportation.

What are the medical benefits of choosing independent senior living facilities?

  • Most seniors living independently may require customized medical care facilities, such as physical therapy professionals, masseurs, chiropractors, alternative medicine practitioners, and yoga instructors. An independent senior living community may offer all these facilities to its residents.
  • Seniors who are in a relatively good health and have minimal to no requirement for assistance, a senior independent living facility can offer medical examinations at a fixed schedule along with transportation to the medical center.
  • Seniors often have a fear of what might happen if they fall sick or if there is some medical emergency late at night. In an independent senior living facility, one of the biggest benefits is that 24/7 medical care is available. A number of senior independent communities have a panic or SOS button in all rooms or houses that can be used by a resident in case of an emergency.

Which are some of the affordable senior independent living homes?

  • Holiday Retirement– A well-known name in senior housing, Holiday Retirement is headquartered at Oregon. It has one of the highest population of seniors living across its communities in 43 states.
  • Life Care Services– With 11 facilities in Chicago, this senior independent living facilities provider offers everything from independent living homes to assisted care living spaces and memory and advanced nursing care facilities.
  • Capital Senior Living- Based in Dallas, Texas, the Capital Senior Living has senior living communities and assisted living centers across 23 states in the country. There are nearly 125 communities that offer world-class amenities and services to the residents.

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