4 Questions To Ask Before Buying Jitterbug Phones For Seniors

4 questions to ask before buying Jitterbug phones for seniors

Jitterbug, or GreatCall, has been one of the leading providers of cell phones for seniors. AARP Jitterbug senior phones are one of the most popular phones among seniors due to the easy-to-use features and no contract hassles of the phones. With the addition of various health and safety features, Jitterbug cell phones have been truly designed to make the life of seniors easier. Jitterbug phone plans are tailor-made for seniors keeping these health and safety packages in mind. The plans are usually based on the Jitterbug phone they have. Read on to know more about Jitterbug cell phones and various Jitterbug phone plan deals.

What are the various health and safety services offered by Jitterbug cell phones for seniors from AARP?

  • 5Star urgent response
    This is a one-touch emergency response service, which is available 24/7.
  • MedCoach
    This service gives timely medication reminders and refills reminders.
  • Wellness and check-in calls
    A wellness expert will call every week to ask about general health. Seniors can also choose to have a daily check-in call. This is an automated call that is customized to ask about appetite, pain, and other health parameters.
  • Brain games
    Available only on AARP Jitterbug smartphones, this is a suite of apps and games that help in exercising the memory.
  • GreatCall Link
    This is an app that provides caregivers and family members with regular health updates and alerts (in case of emergencies).

Which are the different health and safety packages available with Jitterbug phones?

  • Basic
    This health and safety package is priced at around $19.99. It includes 5Star Urgent response service, MedCoach, wellness calls, daily health tips through text messages, check-in calls, and brain games.
  • Preferred
    This Jitter phone plan deal with health and safety package costs around $24.99. It includes all the Basic package services along with GreatCall Link and an urgent care service that gives 24/7 access to a certified doctor or nurse.
  • Ultimate
    Priced at around $34.99, this package includes all the services and apps included in the Basic and Preferred package. It also includes a 24/7 personal live operator to assist in making calls and looking for phone numbers. This package also has provision for replacing the phone at most once a year.

What are the different Jitterbug phone plans available with health and safety packages?

  • If talk time minutes and texts are required, AARP Jitter phone offers additional plans that will have to be taken along with the basic, preferred, or ultimate health and safety packages.
  • At a price of around $40 per month, seniors can get unlimited minutes and texts. The cost of health and safety package will be additional.
  • Other plans will give only talk time minutes. These include 50 minutes for around $5 per month, 600 minutes for $10 per month, 1,000 minutes for $15 per month, and 2000 minutes for $25 per month, respectively.

What is Jitterbug OneTouch phone?

  • Priced at around $147, the Jitterbug OneTouch is one of the most popular phones for seniors. It has large easy-to-use buttons, a display with huge fonts, and a feature that lets contacts to be pre-installed.
  • It has amplified speakers and excellent sound quality. The phone has an operator service that helps users through calls.
  • A notable feature of this phone is that it does not have an alphanumeric keypad. It has three large buttons with one-touch capabilities- Operator, 911, and Home. The Operator button connects to a live operator that can make calls and make changes to the contact list. 911 connects to emergency services. The Home button connects to a programmed home number.

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