4 Natural Remedies To Relieve Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis where one experiences severe inflammation and pain in the joints of the body. One may develop gout due to stress, prolonged inactivity, or high uric acid content in the body. While medicines are essential in treating sudden gout attacks, a few home remedies for gout can be beneficial in reducing symptoms like redness and inflammation. Natural remedies are inexpensive and can be followed easily. To help you, here are four natural remedies for gout.

  • Use ginger

An effective remedy for swelling caused by gout, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and inflammation. You can consume ginger by adding it to your glass of water or grating a dash of it into your food. Also, you can use it as a soothing agent in case of extreme inflammation. Grind some ginger into a paste and apply it to the affected area. Ginger has cooling properties that will help soothe pain and swelling. Remember to leave the paste on for at least half an hour.

  • Drink cherry juice

During a gout flare-up, one’s joints become delicate and hot, and they may feel like that part of the body is on fire. Cherries can relieve conditions that lead to such gout flare-ups. For instance, its antioxidants can reduce uric acid deposits, which is one of the main triggers for flare-ups. Cherries have anthocyanin that helps reduce inflammation and relieve gout pain. Cherries can also help flush out other toxic elements from the body that may otherwise add to the flare-up. So juice around thirty cherries at a time and drink it to reduce gout symptoms.

  • Try ice therapy
    Ice packs can bring quick relief during gout flare-ups. It reduces pain as it helps calm the joints during severe inflammation. If you find that applying ice helps your condition, try ice therapy. Place an ice pack on the affected joint four times a day and leave it on for half an hour per application. You can use a ziplock bag with dish soap inside as an ice pack or use a pack of frozen peas. The key is to use something that will stay cool for 30 minutes. Ice therapy will relax the bones and minimize the risk of a sudden gout flare-up.
  • Exercise
    Lack of day-to-day activity and exercise can cause rigidity in the joints and cause gout symptoms such as sore joints. Exercising at home is an easy and completely natural way to keep the joints active and prevent them from getting sore. Exercise also stabilizes insulin in the body that helps combat uric acid build-up. Exercise can help maintain overall height and weight, which is essential in curbing gout related symptoms.

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