4 Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Locksmiths

4 frequently asked questions about auto locksmiths
Locked yourself out of your car and now you are stuck in the middle of nowhere? Don’t know whom to call for help? To begin with, you must first stop panicking and call road assistance and take down the contact number of the auto locksmith. For those who are not acquainted with auto locksmiths, you must know that these are locksmiths who specialize in car locks and provide various services ranging from something as small as car lockout services to something as complex as rekeying ignition or ignition switch replacement.
Read on to find out more about the auto locksmith services and what to know before you hire an auto locksmith.

What are some services that auto locksmiths near you will provide?

  • Auto locksmiths do a lot more than professionally picking locks and making a new replacement key.
  • Today, they need to not just have a sound knowledge of locks and keys but also the biometric system and many of the new-age security systems.
  • Some of the top services that auto locksmiths near you will provide you are professional lock picking, extracting locked keys from trucks, creating a duplicate copy of the original keys, Cutting car keys, repairing window locks, rekeying ignition, replacing the ignition cylinder, and replacing the ignition switch

What will an auto locksmith do in case of a car lockout?

  • It is not an unheard case where people leave their car keys on the dashboard and accidentally lock themselves out. In such cases, you will need to contact an auto locksmith near you so that he or she can unlock the car door without causing any major damage to your vehicle.
  • The auto locksmith will first try to pick the lock and if that does not work then he or she might suggest you replace the door lock.
  • One of the most common ways used by an auto locksmith to open an unlocked door is the Slim Jim method. In this method, a tool is slipped between the weather strip and moved until it moves and unlocks the upright lock. This method only works if you have an upright lock and it needs to be done with precision as you can disrupt the wires or the car mechanism if you do it the wrong way.

How long does it take for an auto locksmith to open your car?

  • The best part about auto locksmith service providers is that they have their trained locksmiths on the road all the times.
  • This enables the auto locksmiths near you to reach their clients stuck on the road quicker.
  • Typically, it will take a locksmith around 15- 30 minutes to reach you. However, the time taken might vary depending on your proximity to the available auto locksmiths.
  • Once the auto locksmith arrives, he or she will assess your car situation and will inform you of what needs to be done and the charges.
  • In most car lockout situations, the auto locksmith can unlock the car door within 5 to 10 minutes. However, if a new replacement key needs to be made then it might take longer.

How can you stay clear of locksmith scams?

You should keep in mind that even if you hire an auto locksmith from a popular locksmith service provider near you, there is still a possibility that the locksmith might be a fraud. So, how do you avoid getting tricked by any locksmith? Here are a few simple ways in which you can avoid getting scammed:

  • Always ask for the name of the locksmith while you ring the auto locksmith provider.
  • Before you allow the auto locksmith to repair your car, make sure that you check his or her identity card and confirm the name and the service provider he or she works for.
  • Make sure that you ask for the license of the auto locksmith on his arrival. According to the law, every locksmith is always supposed to carry his or her license.
  • If you sense something shady, then don’t hesitate to call for help.

Always make it a point to negotiate the rates with the top auto locksmiths near you and demand an accurate cost. Ensure that you are aware of the total expense which will include the additional charges, if any, along with the cost of calling the auto locksmith, picking the lock, and if needed replacing the lock and installing a new system.

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