4 Frequently Asked Questions About Aarp Jitterbug Senior Phones

4 frequently asked questions about AARP Jitterbug senior phones

With progressing age, hearing, eyesight, and dexterity decline over time. Using a smartphone or any phone becomes difficult for seniors due to the small icons and complex features of most phones available today. Many manufacturers are, however, designing phones targeted towards seniors. These phones have bigger screens, larger buttons, amplified speakers, and easy to use features. One such manufacturer is Jitterbug. Now known as GreatCall, Jitterbug makes phones specifically for seniors. The most notable feature is that Jitterbug phones are often available through AARP. Read on to know more about AARP Jitterbug senior phones.

What are the features of AARP Jitterbug smartphone?

  • No visual or hearing problems
    Jitterbug cell phones for seniors from AARP has buttons that are large and legible enough for seniors with vision problems. The phones have amplified speakers that makes it easy to have conversations without any hassles. The large buttons and amplified speakers make Jitterbug phones quite easy to use.
  • Low-priced plans
    Jitterbug phone plan deals are quite affordable. With plans as low as $14.99 per month, the lowest priced plans are available for seniors who have to worry about monthly expenditures without any active income.
  • No long-term contracts
    The best part about AARP Jitterbug senior phones is that there are no long-term contracts. The phone plans can be canceled or changed any time without any additional fines or fees.

Which are the popular Jitterbug cell phones for seniors from AARP?

  • Jitterbug Smart
    This AARP Jitterbug smartphone is priced at around $149.99. It has a large touchscreen of 5.5” and a 5MP built-in camera. The menu is quite simple with a single list and large easy-to-read font. The phone comes with health and safety features that make it a useful addition to a senior’s life.
  • Jitterbug Flip
    This phone has a price tag of around $99.99. The phone has quite big buttons that make the phone easy to use for seniors with arthritis or gout problems. It has simple “Yes” and “No” menu buttons that make navigation quite easy. The speakers are quite powerful and allow seniors to have clear conversations.
  • Jitterbug Touch3
    Priced at around $199.99, this Jitterbug cell phone for seniors has a screen size of 4 inches. It has a camera of 5MP and a simple menu with large icons and text. The phone has all the health and safety features that are typical of Jitterbug phones.

Which carriers offer network connectivity for AARP Jitterbug senior phones?

  • Jitterbug, which is now known as GreatCall, is a mobile virtual network operator. So, it does not have its own network. GreatCall has contracts with other network providers.
  • GreatCall has a contract with Verizon Wireless to provide its customers with seamless and hassle-free services.
  • Using Verizon’s nationwide network, customers can avail of affordable Jitterbug phone plan deals that include talk time minutes, text, and data.

What are the different AARP Jitterbug phone offers?

  • Unlimited plan
    This is the only plan from Jitterbug that bundles unlimited minutes, text, and 100MB data. The cost of this plan is around $49.99.
  • Minutes plans
    These are the basic plans that can be taken if a person only needs to make calls. The various plans include 200 minutes for around $14.99, 600 minutes for about $19.99, 1500 minutes for $29.99, and 3000 minutes for just $39.99, respectively.
  • Text plans
    The text plans can be taken along with minute plans. The plans include 300 texts for $3, 700 texts for $6, 1250 texts for $10, and 2500 texts for $15.
  • Data plans
    Those who choose to buy Jitterbug smartphones can opt for data plans such as 40MB for $2.49, 100MB for $5, 200MB for $10, 500MB for $15, 1GB for $20,
    and 2.5GB for $30.

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